5 Things You’re Doing WRONG When Using Glitter Polish!

In today’s nail art tutorial, we’re showing you how to perfectly applying glitter polish on your nails for a stunning, opaque effect!


  • China Glaze – Disco Ball Drop

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. I actually prefer the sparse glitter look lol (especially on nail extensions)

  2. I actually prefer using my glitter polish as regular ones. I like the sparse (negative space) look. Also, I prefer fine glitter. Not chunky. ?

  3. What could you use in place of the liquid latex? Allergy.

  4. I love cutepolish…n their ting tune while putting a dot over I… #keirtimalviya
    U can watch some good stuff by going on ma #

  5. Thanks??? trying this right now since I literally must paint my nails soon ?

  6. I expected nail art in this episode , but it is a very useful trick. Thanks #cutepolish.

  7. Even better: apply clear polish, dump loose glitter on, pat down gently, let dry, paint over with clear. Done.

  8. Creative ideas …. definately gona try them

  9. ???????????????????????????????????☺?☺☺☺?☺?

  10. I didn't even know that a peel away base coat existed.

  11. I have a latex allergy is there an easy to use non-latex skin barrier?

  12. Thx. Loves it. ???❤️❤️❤️??

  13. 4 out of 36 are Indian comments here 😛

  14. Don’t you hate thoughs comments that say like if you agree?
    Like if you agree

  15. A peel-off basecoat!? Yes!! Such a good idea!

  16. You have several top coats listed on your favorites on Amazon. Which did you use in this video please?

  17. Cutepolish just did #peelporn my goodness

    Edit: Thanks for 87 likes, I don't get many likes

  18. The glitter is too chunky because too much was on the nails. It gets thick after the top coat and doesn’t last long at all. When sponging the glitter on, use a finer glitter and don’t apply too much. It will be prettier and last much much longer

  19. Interesting. I didn’t know there are peel off products.

  20. OMG I had no idea peel off base coats existed! Do they last long?

  21. What nail polish do u use? Xx

  22. I love this!! Glitter polish is usually my go to since regular polish always looks awful on me! Thanks for making this video!

  23. If you just soak off the glitter (like gel polish removal) and swipe the cotton off away from you, you really don't need to use a peel off base coat when wearing glitter polish. All of the glitter stays on the cotton ball and you don't do any scrubbing so cleanup is a breeze.

  24. L do some of this mistake thanks for this video

  25. Can't you just paint peel off base coat over the glitter nail polish you want to take off?

  26. Thanks Juli so I can dab dab to make my nails look fab

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