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Hi guys! In today’s video, Juli will be showing you 5 non-traditional ways that you can use nail polish remover at home! These practical ways are really interesting ways to utilize your acetone. Let us know in the comments any other ways you use nail polish remover!


  • Nail Polish Remover (Acetone!)

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. U can also use it to remove any temporary tattoos

  2. Wiping your tools with acetone will not sanitize them. Only an epa registered hospital grade disinfectant will do that. It might clean them though.

  3. can i take off fake nails by acetone if I've stuck them to mine with an alfie glue?

  4. but when she was removing the sticker off wont that will be sticky or i am the only one who thinks of that

  5. Be care with applying acetone to things like a whiteboard because it is corrosive!
    Special products are made to clean the whiteboard.

  6. Using nail polish remover while wearing nail polish… dangerousss

  7. i love the 5th hack its cery gud i give that 5 star

  8. what nail polish is she wearing? it's so nice!

  9. Wow the vid is almost all purple THAT'S MY FAV COLOUR!!!!!!

  10. When removing permanent marker or pen ink, use eucalyptus oil instead as it doesn't interfere with any finishes or dissolve the material it is on?

  11. You can also use acetone to remove mascara from your hand but no too much acetone

  12. If the product were good as new, it would still have the sticker on it…..

  13. Another hack is you can use it to remove your nail polish off your nails!!!!

  14. I put fake nails so much I tried it it was helpful

  15. I usually use rubbing alcohol, but these are great ideas as well. Especially on one item – I got a Kate Spade bag, and when we went to Vegas, an ink pen exploded in it from the heat and the ink got everywhere! Alcohol did ok, and didn't take off any color, but there is still some areas that need more help. I'll try it, carefully!

  16. 1:09 anyone else notice how she said acetone soaked in cotton ball instead of cotton ball soaked in acetone

  17. another hack is if ur nailpolish is runnng dry put some remiver in the bottle and shake ut up.

    the polish remiver will maje the polish on the walls of the bottle dizzolve abd become liquid again..

    but it will naje ur polish a tad more sheer.

  18. I'm fascinated my the sticker removal one

  19. Who is the rest of the people on the intro?

  20. is it just me or does the girl sound sarcastic?

  21. I'm impressed how you didn't damage your nail polish! Sometimes I want to fix the nail polish on just one finger, and even though I'm really careful, I always manage to destroy the nail polish on the fingers I'm holding the cotton ball with.

  22. only watched 2 videos and I'm already subscribed…;)

  23. don't remove ink stain by acetone cuz it !ay remove the color

  24. Another hacks that everyone know

  25. I love you cute polish and I all so love polish blast and my favourite video is the one with the stamps♡♡

  26. Thai was sooo helpful thank you sm!! ❤️

  27. +cutepolish you can also use nail polish remover on the white part on the side of your shoes. if they get dirty, mail polish remover works sooooooooo well on them

  28. what type of pink marker did she use??? someone plz tell me

  29. For the permanent marker, you can draw over it with the none permanent marker and it'll come off.

  30. you guys should do pets the movie that is coming up who is with me go pets the movie

  31. Do the 100+ layer of polish challenge!

  32. You should do polish mountain!

  33. Hi can you do different nail designs with each letter of cute polish on each nail , for example c would go on the first nail which is the thumb and you can do that nail with an ombre effect

  34. i like this kind of videos!! please make more!

  35. She sounds like she's voicing a commercial. ?? But srsly thou, that was useful.?

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