5 Ways to Celebrate National Goof Off Day

goofoffAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! This expression can be traced back to the 1600s and first appeared in James Howell's Proverbs. The gist is pretty simple—although it's important to get your work done, you need to make time to have some fun.  Otherwise, you could become run down and, even worse, boring!

Luckily, there's a holiday on tap that reminds us to let loose and break out of our workaholic patterns—National Goof Off Day, which is celebrated each year on March 22.  

Here are 5 goofy ideas to help you get into the spirit of this much needed reminder that we all need to stop and smell the roses each day.

1.  Head to the water cooler to let off some steam.  OK, so water coolers may not be a staple in every office or work environment, but it's now an iconic symbol of where hardworking folks can congregate to not only discuss a significant happening in television history but to basically chill out for a few minutes and escape the rigors of the daily grind.  If you haven't left your cubicle or desk lately, find your way to a colleague and chat about anything that isn't work related.

2.  Surf the Net for some comic relief.  A hearty belly laugh can be just what the doctor ordered if you're stuck in the land of hum drum.  Grab your smartphone or get on your laptop and search out your favorite comedian or sitcom and indulge in some well-deserved silliness.

3.  Take a Sunday drive, anytime during the week.  Things can get stale and stuffy if you get stuck in a pattern where you do the same old, same old–day in and day out.  Shake things up a bit by taking in a change of scenery.  Stop what your doing, grab your car keys and take a leisurely drive.  Kick this plan up a notch by stopping someplace fun, like an ice cream shoppe and order up something sweet and sticky that reminds you of your childhood.  Even better, surprise your kids when they get home from school by including them in your excursion.

4.  Play an innocent prank.  America has fallen in love with the cable TV series, Impractical Jokers where four comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other in public by pulling hilarious pranks on hidden camera.  Whether your a jokester at heart or not, staging a harmless prank on someone in your inner circle will definitely lift you to a goofy new level.  

5.  Wear something funky.  One sure way to be goofy is to change up your style.  Head to work and bring along a crazy hat, a ridiculous wig, or some other flamboyant accessory or article of clothing and leave your desk for a quick break, and return wearing your funky garb.  If you are picking up your kids from school, be sure and arrive wearing your get-up or even a zany mask to break up the monotony of your children's day too!

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