5 Ways To Clean Up Your Nails Perfectly!

5 ways to clean up your nails perfectly! In today’s nail art design tutorial, we’re going to be showing you the top 5 ways to clean up excess polish around your nails on the skin and cuticles (such as using peel off tape and liquid latex!) We will also be showing you how to create this really pretty watercolor nail art design! Which one of these 5 ways do you use to clean up your nails? Let us know!


  • Simply Peel Liquid Latex
  • Mitty Peel Off Tape USE CODE “CUTEPOLISH” FOR 10% OFF!
  • Milani – Spotlight White
  • Milani – Power Periwinkle
  • Anny – City Walk
  • Sally Hansen – Babe Blue
  • O.P.I – Kiss Me I’m Brazillian
  • Sinful Colors – Base Coat
  • Essie – Good To Go Top Coat

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Seal in your design and add a beautiful shine. I love this. ❤❤

  2. You can also use regular Elmers white glue as liquid latex so when you clean it up there's really nothing to clean up

  3. Can someone plz tell me if there's a substitute for a top coat cause I don't have a top coat.

  4. I love when you do these kinds of vids!!! You make my day!

  5. I will use the clear tape and small brush dipped into polish remover method

  6. I have a question in regards to doing this technique, do you keep the spongy texture or do you apply so that it appears smooth? If you apply it so that it appears smooth, how do you keep from having so much polish on the nail that it doesnt want to dry properly.

  7. Use a top coat to seal in your design,
    And add a beautiful shine!

    I love how it rhymes. ❤

  8. i have OPI top coat, why does it have many bubbles? every time i apply it, it always cause bubbles!

  9. I just never mess up ??? (and gradients are a bitch to clean up so…?)

  10. Who else stocks up their nail polish remover like they are hibernating bc they are broke and can't afford liquid latex or shit like that

  11. tip : u can use Elmers glue / fevicol instead of liquid latex

  12. Another way is to just put liquid glue like the liquid latex

  13. I used tape, brush and buds.

  14. miri dont talk but u do why?

  15. I tried it and it was easier for me with the tape

  16. u should do your nails blindfolded

  17. where did you buy your cleanup brush?

  18. I would dip the brush into the remover

  19. Where did you buy the brush? I don't know which one to buy:(

  20. I dip the Q tips in nailpolish remover and then clean the mess !

  21. I use a corrector pen and sometimes a small brush dipped in polish remover, both works fine for me

  22. i just use tape around my nails

  23. I will use all of them

  24. i was unable to get marble nail art with plastic sheet ?

  25. This is probably a silly question, but can you wash & reuse the makeup sponge for later use on nails or is it a one time thing and then has to be thrown away?

  26. this was very helpful for me because nailpolish always gets on my skin

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