5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast!

5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast!I hope you found this video helpful! 🙂


  1. If only these techniques actually worked…

  2. Ok number 1 really works I was soooooo surprised

  3. And I just wait. No tricks used whatsoever

  4. I use a hair dryer to dry mine lol its save time

  5. it didnt work my mails are wet and they are so wigigly

  6. #5, but what if it's still really wet and you add it? Won't you have to wait for the pink polish o dry first, THAN add the top coat?

  7. Drip Dry by OPI. Say that 5 times fast.

  8. uh have tried 5 things on the same nail then why it is not drying ??????????

  9. Who's watching this in 2017

  10. did anyone else freeze their hand while doing the 1st one?

  11. if i just dip my nails in water will it work?

  12. She said they were fun… More like expensive and time consuming

  13. None of that stuff works I tried them all and my nails are still wet and they got smudged so thanks a lot

  14. How to dry ur nails faster, watch this vid

  15. I've tried that with cold water and it works 90%!

  16. I use hair spray not cooking spray!

  17. I love doing nails but the drying puts me off

  18. do these methods also work for acrylic nails?

  19. I use a USB fan for my computer to dry my nails, since I'm always on the internet whenever I'm doing my nails.

  20. I just wait till my nails are fully dried up

  21. I'm a straight guy that paints his nails. I usually get my gf to paint them for me. I don't understand why people believe nail polish is for women only when actually it started thousands of years ago with men. It wasn't until the 1800s when French women would paint their nails to show cleanliness that women took over the whole thing.

  22. thx you now I can dry my nails better

  23. thx these were very good tips ???????????

  24. the cooking spray method is the best. I just tried it ?

  25. do you put the drying drops on after you do two coats of Polish or after the top coat or between coats?

  26. I am sitting now waiting for my nails to dry this helps lots

  27. Ok…. So what if I spray rubbing alcohol on it………..

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