5 Ways To Get Ombre / Gradient Nails!

Here are 5 different ways that you can create DIY ombre / gradient nails at home! This nail style is super popular and thankfully it’s really easy to achieve with a few simple steps and hacks! Which of the 5 ways is your favorite to create this nail art look? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. amazing…..love your nail art tutorial so good ??

  2. I like it this style. I should try to do it! I love it

  3. What was the silver opi base colour used for the silver and black gradient on your ring finger??

  4. the acrylic one was ama-ZING♥♥♥

  5. When you don't have liqued latex

  6. Hannah's last finger nail (I don't know what it is called) is so small and cute
    4:00 its so satisfying ??

  7. Won't the acrylic paint wash off when you wash your hands???

  8. It looks like plastic ?????????

  9. I only had to watch the first one lol

  10. 4:20 This would be a really good one if you want to do a realistic cloud effect on your nail. I was just thinking that with the light blue, if you replaced the darker blue with a less opaque white and layered it.

  11. Who waching this with no socks

  12. in the first method how do you clean the make up sponge?

  13. the ombré mint and white one i've got as fake nails, the exact same

  14. I like the pink and purple , gold and black

  15. Love you nails and your skills

  16. I love her nails ❤️ btw the 2nd one was my favourite

  17. Please please respond, where can I buy liquid latex?

  18. are these Matt nail polish?

  19. Acrylic paint is toxic for your nails.

  20. Poppy is a ? she has no friends 1 like is 1 friend , help poppy get lots of friends

  21. Do you clean or toss your sponges? If you clean them, how?

  22. Finger parkia lagana hai plzz is liquid ka naam like dain

  23. If you don't have liquid latex, you can use glue! 😀

  24. does anyone know how to clean the eyeshadow brush after this?

  25. 1f 70U 932D 741&… H17 L153 BU770N… 🙂

  26. Does anyone know any tips that I can use after using nailpolish on my makeup sponges? Do I really have to cut off a part everytime? T-T I cant seem to get them squeaky clean

  27. Love the chrome nails. hologram nails

  28. This was super helpful thx ??

  29. If anyone wants to know I use two bandaids instead of liquid latex! I use the same ones for all 10 fingers

  30. her nails are so cute and long

  31. I want here nails so bad ;-;

  32. i cringe at the word chunky hahahahahaha

  33. Does the acrylic paint come off with nail polish remover? (acetone free)

  34. Not saying her vids are boring I love them but they are so relaxing I pass out

  35. Like who is love cutepolish <3 !

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