5 Ways to rock the Half Top Knot – Super easy and fast!

Like if you enjoy multiple hairstyle tutorials and comment with how you would wear the half top knot! If you’re like me, you love a good quick half up half down hairstyle that you can do in 5 minutes! This one is great for school or every day, and it’s a great way to hold on to easy summer hair as we transition into fall!


  1. You just saved my prom :3 ❤ Thank you!

  2. Your parting lines are so straight, even with just using your fingers! Mine always end up crooked D;

  3. But in thin hair is not possible to make this type of hair

  4. What if I don’t have bobby pins? ?

  5. She makes it look really cute but I look like an absolute monster if that was on me ??

  6. This was so easy I luv the hairstyles I did on my sister and she loves it to

  7. Ha w you done a video dedicated to fine hair where you go over products and hairstyles? Every time I get a haircut (hate doing since I act like losing 2 inches of hair is like losing 5 or more) I'm always told I have a lot of hair but a lot of fine hair. I'm not someone that puts product on my hair to be honest but I find as I get older I want to do easy hairstyle (I have fibromyalgia so the arm strength and hand movement isn't what it use to be). I have curly hair that I take down by having my hair up in a bun after my shower or else my curly hair would be wild and frizzy. I also have issues with baby hair in the back and front of my head and like to straight the front of my hair because my curls aren't define where I think my frizzy curly front pieces look good. I love these half up half down looks but between the top of my hair being fine and lying flat and my rounder face shape I just haven't found some I like that is a quick thing for me. I've tried products but don't like the feel in my hair perhaps out of not ever using product to be use to it. Any suggestions (if you made it through my long ramble ?)

  8. The best video I've watched! Thanks, I'm trying them all!

  9. You are the only person on YouTube with hairstyle tutorials that I can follow and understand. SUBSCRIBED TO YOU!!!!! xo

  10. tink You and you have a beautiful hair❤?

  11. I love this video it's clear straight to the point and easy to see!!

  12. you'll know the struggles if you have a natural black hair

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have never been able to do a half top knot in my hair as it is to thick and long, but thanks to your video I did it and it looks AMAZING! Thank you xx

  14. Aww lukin extremely cute.. Thanks a lot.. Stay blessed.. New subscriber here..

  15. Chignon actually means bun in french

  16. Thank you so much ?❤️ now I have so many options to choose from

  17. Do these actually work with bangs? Could you do more videos with bangs? Thanks
    Love your videos!!!

  18. I love it how she referenced the inside of the floppy bun (or the chingone idk how to spell it) ? as the tunnel ????❤️

  19. I love that you smile in your videos! It's really underrated and pretty classy in my opinion. Keep being awesome, you now have a new subscriber. ✌?️

  20. omg i've been struggling so much lately with my hair this vid has helped me soooooo much love ur work btw ur soooo pretty keep up the good work (~ )~ <^~^ >

  21. my problem: i have a huge forehead ._.

  22. It's this video's two year anniversary ????

  23. Where has this channel been all my life

  24. this looks gorgeous on you but on me it looks like someone pooped on my head 🙁

  25. how did you get your eyebrows like that they are so on fleek xx

  26. I wish I could do this but my hair is so thick I want to cry. Like it's absolutely terrible. I'll try it anyway but my hair is my #1 source of frustration fml

  27. you have such a pretty face and hair ? looks so healthy!

  28. Ugh why are you so amazing?

  29. So in love with the triangle part ? Usually whenever I try and do a half up half down top knot my hair becomes a huge tangled mess, but the triangle is so great for separating it ??

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