5 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails!

Learn how to stop biting your nails using these 5 simple tips! Break the bad nail biting habit once and for all.

Did you know that biting your nails could give you an infection or it could lead to permanent nail damage? It also can make you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your nails and cuticles. I know that nail biting is a hard habit to break, but that’s why I created this video for you! Today I am going to help you break the bad habit, once and for all. Here are my 5 simple ways to stop biting your nails.
You can do it! 🙂

Love you guys so much. Thanks for continuously inspiring me!


  1. I started biting my nails when I was in 1st grade and somehow I stopped at grade 4.

  2. I stopped biting it going good

  3. I've tried all if these and they don't work? Help?

  4. I didn't realise I was biting my nail when whatching this vid?

  5. I put nail polish on, then I peeled it off and started to bite my nails……..

  6. Who was biting their nails while watching this?

  7. How am I supposed to put fake nails over my nails WHEN I DONT HAVE ANY NAILS?!!

  8. Who's sat hear watching this biteing there nails

  9. When I was four my parents tried the first one, in 12 now…

    It worked for 3 days, maybe 2…….. I was a stubborn child. Still am

  10. U can also put tape on ur finger nails so u don't bite

  11. i am biting my nail while watching this??

  12. I'm always fidgeting with something

  13. A really good way to stop biting yo nails is to put rubbing alchohol on yo hands and youll taste bitter and immediatly pull yo hands out of yo mouth

  14. Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH!! This helped me A LOT! 1+ subscriber! ???

  15. If none of these work, try putting on hand sanitizer.

  16. I bite my nails so much once theirs no more nail I bite the skin around it and it's badd??

  17. My daughter doesn't just bite her nails she eats it?and she knows nails are toxic

  18. I bite my nails a Lot and i want my nails to grow so i get finger nails

  19. I bite mine so much it moved on to biting my skin

  20. it wont help cause i bite my nails anytime not even that would help its a habit

  21. Thank you
    I even bite my nails when I don't even notice
    And then it just hurts
    My nails ain't even over my finger tip

  22. I'm a nigga, I'm not finna put them nails on or paint mine.

  23. False nails don't work because I Bite the fake nails..

  24. Was anyone else biting their nails while watching this?

  25. lol I don't have such a bad habit??

  26. omg I used to but nails all the time but I stopped now my nails are very long and they are very pretty not fill if my self tho

  27. Here's how to stop

    Pretend like ur eating a bug that's how I stopped

  28. All of them worked but when I put clip on nails………………

    Rip clip on nails..

  29. Früher habe ich auch oft auf meinen Nägeln rumgekaut (fand eine Methode es mir sofort abzugewöhnen)

  30. But then I bite the fake nails

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