5 Ways to Wear Your Hair Down and Look Fabulous!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for “down-do’s” so I hope this helps to fill out what you were looking for! 🙂


  1. I read all the responses on here but I really think this is a first-rate movie clip. My younger brother would like to get astounding with the ladies. He studied a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations on how to get chicks in nightclubs in the emails via that site gave got him his first lays in a number of years. I have been displeased though as I heard them all. Grrrr.

  2. Love all of your vdo…thanks a lot for sharing ♥♥♥

  3. u kind of look like jenifer lawrence

  4. Lol, is this the music from The Sims?

  5. Daaaaa you're beautiful thats y you look good in all of them x x x x. X x

  6. Hairstyle 1 1:21

    Hairstyle 2 2:02

    Hairstyle 3 2:55

    Hairstyle 4 3:31

    Hairstyle 5 3:53

  7. Going to try hairstyle number 4 today 🙂

  8. omg my name is kaeley too. 🙂 you probably spell it different though, 🙂 btw your super pretty and this helped me hahah

  9. wow, you were a lot bigger then, you must of lost a lot of weight! thats amazing!

  10. I absolutely LOVE these hairstyles, BUT for hairstyle #1 it looks best with no hair (bangs) in your face, but i have short bangs that come up above my eyebrows and will give this look kind of a weird effect if i incorporate them in the braids!!! Can you help me?

  11. thanks. i really appreciate ur efforts to remove unfortunate bad hair days from the lives from us girls' lives

  12. can you make a tutorial on how you do your tutorials?

  13. No te entiendo un cñio pero me encantan tus peinados

  14. Everything about you is pretty. Your eyes, hair, teeth, smile ect. IT MAKES ME JEALOUS!!!!!

  15. How should i wear my hair down when i don't have much layers? Please reply! Urgent!!

  16. You're pretty you can get away with hair like that :L lucky x

  17. the 1st one works great i am wearing it all the time now! thank you!

  18. i looove your hair color!!
    Thanks for the hair styles 😀 <3

  19. post this on one of her newer vids

  20. i luv dis video….all d hairstyles wer cute and easy!! i luvd dem <3

  21. How do you do the 4th on sits so cute but idk 😮

  22. You're really the best hairstyle guru on YouTube. I've jumped around to other hair tutorials occasionally just to see what other styles were out there, but none of them are as creative with hairstyles and as clear in explanation as your tutorials are! <3 your videos! 😀

  23. #3 resembles your Sugar Plum Fairy-inspired updo ^^

  24. i like ur hairstyles…:)…ur also really pretty too. 🙂

  25. Hi Kaley, i love watching your videos. You've got nso many great ideas for hairstyles. And these downdo's are what I looked for. I gonna try it soon. I hope you gonna do videos for a long time 😉

  26. I so love hairstyle no. 4! looks really cute on you ;))

  27. Just wanted to say, you're super awesome 🙂 My hair is difficult to work with and surprisingly your hairstyles worked for me 🙂

  28. thx sooo much! really helpful video 🙂 could u plz do a video for updos for summer but not to complicated because i will be doing sports in them!

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