5 White Polishes Reviewed

Suzie tests 5 Popular White Polishes that can be purchased without a license. Suzie compares color, application, coverage and the brushes.

Suzie bought these polishes from her local Sally Beauty store. As we couldn’t find some of these products on the Sally Beauty website, Amazon links are provided below for you convenience?

  • China Glaze – Let’s Chalk About It – Here
  • Morgan Taylor – Arctic Freeze – Here
  • O•P•I – Alpine Snow – Here
  • Orly – Pointe Blanche – Here
  • Finger Paints – Paper Måche – Here


  1. Not a big fan of the China glaze, all the other ones look really good though

  2. I’ve always appreciated China Glaze because of their range of colors, but their brush is seriously lacking, especially compared to other brands who’ve updated their brushes.

  3. u should update this
    which white last longer or chipped?

  4. I'm like you, I Love the wider brushes. Makes applying polish so much easier ?

  5. I absolutely love the whites! I think the larger brushes are easier as well. Whites are so crisp and feminine and I love adding silver bling to white xx Thanks again Suzi!

  6. You should review Yellow nail polish Pleassseeeee. Like if you agree????????

  7. That OPI alpine snow has been my holy grail white polish for yearssss!

  8. Love your nails there are so beautiful like u ???????????????

  9. In the US we cant get Morgan Taylor at Sally's. But if you're a professional you can get it at Cosmoprof. I believe I've seen people mention they can get Morgan Taylor at JC Penny's salons, Ulta and a few other stores, but they're over twice as much as what Cosmoprof sells them for. I wonder if China Glaze has changed their brushes, because mine aren't long and skinny like that. OPI Alpine Snow and Finger Paints Paper Mache used to be my favorite whites. Till I found Sinful Colors Snow White. Walmart or Walgreens $2, goes on just as well, IMO.

  10. Anybody else was today year old when they found out there was a silver ball in nail polish bottles?? Loll ??

  11. Don't shame my flat cuticles. Also I can barely keep my first coat from gettimg ruined let alone 2

  12. You are the best, Suzie! Also I love the rounded brush heads as well! Wet n Wild one step wonder gel has that tip and it makes it so easy not to flood your cuticles!

  13. Orly is my favorite. My brush are all flat like the Morgan Taylor one in orly

  14. Why are Suzies videos relaxing to watch before I go to sleep. Her voice is so soothing

  15. My favourite thing to do with white is use that as a base colour, then overlay other colours with a dotting tool or sponge.

  16. Suzie should tell us which one of those 5 are her favorite

  17. These are gorgeous colors… Can you recommend a polish that doesn't chip easily on natural nails?

  18. Suzie, can you try KL Polish? I’m genuinely curious about what you think because I personally love it

  19. I have white coffin nails rn too!

  20. I love this video as there are times are have used white polish and it is just to thin and it could take 3 or 4 coats so please please do a video for black polish too! xx

  21. You really need to try out femme fatales nail range

  22. I buy a lot of nail polish and I am happy u said that about China glaze bc now I dont feel so bad when I have trouble applying it xD but Ug I love wide brushes so much for my nails ♡♡

  23. nah Sally Hansen insta-dri in the color “white on time” best white polish ever i promiseeeee

  24. I had OPI’s Alpine Snow back in the day (when they were cruelty free) and it never covered that good for me. I’m gonna have to get some Morgan Taylor; I see their black is a one coater too. ??

  25. Hey Suzie! I’m going to do my nails in a salon for the first time ever! What’s best for my nails if it’s a one time thing? Acrylic or Gel??

  26. I love OPI's white but I love using the white from Perfect Match, the brush is somewhat skinny yet short and it's more square shaped. I noticed I can manage to do one brush stroke and cover the whole nail in one go on toes!

  27. I have a white polish from the brand Salon Perfect and it's a pain to use, both the brush and formula aren't that great. Also I thought I saw just a tiny crack or lift on your pinky nail Susie.

  28. Love that thing U displayed your nails on but that index finger with the Morgan is the BEST!!! ?

  29. Love how you show us the types of nail polish and how to use it correctly

  30. I love white nail polish it's most used polish in my collection and I always buy two bottles at once LOL White looks perf on short or long nails, simple but so on point 🙂

  31. Can you do something with Henna on you’re nails?!

    Like if you want to see this 2!

  32. I’ve been wearing white polish exclusively since I was 18, I’m 25 now. The absolute brightest, purest white I have found is LA Colors “French White”

  33. Ooh! Your hair looks so fluffy & voluminous! It's cute!

  34. Could you do a review on top coats?? It seems like all you can buy at Walmart chip and the salons holds up so much better!

  35. Cristine prob hates this video XD

  36. I have opi nali polish and also China glaze

  37. h&m is my fave white and black!

  38. How's your new hair spray?? xx

  39. The Simply Nailogical long distance collab has truly begun! ?????

  40. Absolutely beautiful!! ?
    I do have a question abt acrylic nails. Do they damage the natural nails, or are there ways to protect it? I am asking because my friend refuses to get her nails done because she believes that it damages the natural nails.

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