6 Clothing Hacks EVERY Girl NEEDS To Know 2018

Hello loves! Today I am sharing 6 clothing hacks every girl needs to know in 2018 ! easy ways to transform your old clothes into new! Clothing struggle hacks!!


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  10. I love the intro!!! And clothing hacks as always!

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  13. Please dp more of these clothing hacks, especially like the cardigan one, am a college student and way on budget so this can make me feel like i have way more cloth and dress up differently!! Sendinng you all the love and positive energy <3 xo

  14. Love all your clothing hacks

  15. Its currently 30 degrees where I live

  16. Great video as always ❤️?? wouldn’t expect less of you ?

  17. I love the 'transform your shirt into a skirt' hack 🙂

  18. These are such great tips! Thank you so much 🙂

  19. I live in Nepal and its very cold here I m inside my bed watching this video cz I don't want to come out it's damme freezing cold

  20. You should do Demi Lovato hacks you haven't done about her but you did tons of celebrities hacks there are my favorite videos to watch.

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  25. omg these are all so useful!! And I hadn't seen any of these before, so thank you!

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  30. The shirt turned to a skirt hack and that pony tail hack are so clever, omg. I've gotta use those ones. ??

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