6 Crazy Easy DIY Chokers Tutorial

Here’s a DIY tutorial on 6 crazy easy chokers! These are as beginner friendly as it gets.I love to diy jewelry especially when it’s so much more inexpensive and cheap than buying it already made. This is how to make 6 choker necklaces from basic supplies. I wanted to make Do It Yourself really easy so everyone can do it. Especially chokers, because they’ve been a fashion trend / staple for a while now and it sucks to pay a lot of money for just a long piece of ribbon!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Tshirt – JCrew
  • Black Romper – H&M
  • Floral Romper – Colors of Aurora
  • Stripe Shirt – Asos.com
  • Floral Shirt – Asos.com