In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to create 6 quick & easy everyday hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair lengths, whether your hair is straight, curly, or kinky. All of the hairstyles in this tutorial will take you less than 5 minutes to do, great for when you’re running late for school or work. Be sure to favorite this video for back-to-school hairstyles.

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  1. first we need to have hairs like her which we dont have

  2. Can someone please make a video on easy and quick hairstyles that cover ears that stick out a little

  3. Beautiful. I have done some of the hairstyles to my job and some people have loved it.

  4. how r u getting the images of hairstyle on your device?

  5. can you plz tell me what's your hair colour and hair cutting in this video..plzzzzzzzz……

  6. First hair style was my favorite.

  7. Thankyuu.. I just loved it… can you make a video on Jacqueline Fernandez hair style in race 2 archery look.. it is really good.. Plzz make it.. plzzzz

  8. I loved voluminous knotted bun

  9. Wanted a tutorial not an ad for conditioner.

  10. I think I love the Barbie one

  11. I really like the last hairstyle!!! You ARE AWESOME!!!

  12. Tina which hair cut u did to ur hair ?

  13. second last one was good ! I liked it !

  14. thank u tina will try tomo simple messy bun bt to b honest it's too confusing hairstyles bz of french braid show us something simple

  15. Which haircut do you have…

  16. Ur hair coulour n curl love it how to make it plzzzzzz make a video

  17. I just began watching and was liking the 1st one but you went so fast with the braid. I wish it was a slower showing step by step.

  18. These are definitely not "easy"

  19. I can't barely curl my hair..

  20. please do a video on haistyle for girls wearing glases..!

  21. Thank you! I have #2 to wear out tonight 🙂

  22. how are you putting in those bobby pins?

  23. which hair style i can do on rebounded hairs plzz tell me and my forhead is also broad

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