6 FITNESS HACKS You Need To Know To Get a HOT BODY !


  1. mine is soccer and table tennis.

  2. I did track ever since 7th grade and I'm doing high school track now

  3. I do two sports: I do basketball and volleyball. I have a big passion for volleyball and get a rush on the basketball court! also im only 13 and im 5 foot 5 inches

  4. I did softball I'm doing youth cheer and I am trying out for volleyball

  5. I did joined a sport or two in my lifetime, I am hardly athletic. But I enjoy badminton.

  6. i love the towel hack, thanx xoxo

  7. I love doing hockey ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  8. My favourite sport is cheerleading

  9. i play softball and my fav is softball

  10. I do cheerleading right now

  11. I love cinnamon coffee, but it doesn't dissolve (hence, cinnamon challenge), so it gets all clumpy at the top of my mug. My trick is to sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the coffee grinds in the coffee maker. It tastes the same, but no clumps : )

  12. I don't judge anyone but you'd look amazing if you gained about 15-20 lbs girl. It would increase your hip and butt size dramatically. And I don't mean by eating junk I meant by increasing your protein and using a weight gaining supplement because I know your into health and fitness.

  13. I always try to take the stairs as often as I can, and I will really use the towels in plank

  14. I've done gym wheel for several years and it was so fun?

  15. Vanilla powder is also super good on coffee or amaricano

  16. I tried swimming, tennis, etc.But my favorite ever is bodybuilding.<3

  17. I'm so happy on how confident you are in yourself, I am 15 and workout a lot but still have some body image issues although I am skinny Im always worried on what others think of me x ur so inspirational

  18. I love the video! I LOVED to fence a couple of years ago, but i had to give it up when I moved.

  19. My favorite is football ??but I can't with my long nails ????

  20. my favourite sport is swimming?Love you nicoletta❤❤

  21. lacrosse, field hockey, track, and basketball!

  22. my favourite sport is football

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