6 Minute BIGGER Butt and Thigh Workout | No Equipment Booty and Thigh Workout at Home

Get A Bigger, Rounder and Firmer Butt in 30 Days or Less! 6 Minute BIGGER Butt and Thigh Workout | No Equipment Booty and Thigh Workout at Home

This quick 6 minute bigger butt and thigh toning workout will definitely challenge your lower body. No equipment needed, all you need is a stopwatch so you can properly time the workouts.This workout is perfect for anyone who want to lift their booty and build sexy lean thighs. As you progress increase the timing to 45, 50 then to 60 seconds.


  1. I thought if this was gonna be easy but i felt the burn, today is day one

  2. Today is Monday October 2 and I am going to give it a try today every 3 or 4 times a week and do a update on October the 15th

  3. Plus ill be doing this an doing updates in weeks
    day 1: yu can acaully feel lit working when ur mussels get weird feelings its working (ill post more tmw !)

  4. I'm gonna start today and do it for 4 weeks!! Brb ❤️

  5. I'm gonna do this and two other butt exercises. I'll be back with results.

  6. Updating every week, if I don't make sure to spam tons if comments so I know
    Week 1: (8/13) literally dying my thighs and butt are on fire

  7. please make more arm videos:) keep up the good work tho guys!!

  8. I'm 13 but I'm very short and thin I'm doing this workouts to help me fit into my pants better from my butt and thighs I'm gonna do this for a month and be back every week to tell you guys how I'm doing

    (5 minutes later)

  10. i be doing this for a month each day so wish me luck (btw ill also be dieting at the same time)

  11. Hey guys!?
    I Will do this everyday for a month and Update you every week?

  12. plzzzz make a video for thicker thighs

  13. Im going to try this for two whole months wish me luck yall and yall too ?❤❤i'll keep in update almost every week

  14. I'm gonna do this !!! If u want i'm gonna update every week

  15. please do a workout video on how to reduce outer thighs fat and small butt

  16. Hey can u do a video to fix hip dips without equipment thx

  17. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz make a video on how to get bigger thighs plzzzzz???????

  18. +femnique could you please do a video for how to melt fat from the area under the waist please?

  19. I felt more burn with my thighs but thank you always I needed that !

  20. Will this exercise help my booty without MAKING MY THIGHS BIGGER?!??! I'm a slim figure. In my opinion and most people I've met, slim, but nicely toned legs are a lot more attractive. Will this only tighten my thigh muscles instead of making them bigger???? THANX

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