6 Money-Saving Tips to Keep Your Clothes Organized


Laundry Slam Dunk

Turn a drawstring laundry bag into an ingenious hanging hamper with an old embroidery hoop. Just slip the opening of the bag through the hoop and it will stay open while you use the drawstrings to hang it from an over-the-door hook or in the closet. Bonus: It looks enough like a basketball hoop that it makes it a tiny bit easier to get our boys to straighten up their rooms!

New Hangers

In need of some new hangers? Try your local department store. When making a purchase, let the sales clerk know that you’d like to take the hangers too. If you notice any empty hangers lying around the register area, ask for those as well—it couldn’t hurt!

DIY No-Cost, No-Slip Hangers

The hangers in our closet really needed an overhaul: We were tired of finding clothes on the floor, and also not so keen on the prospect of buying all new padded hangers. So, we decided to make our own: All you need is a hot glue gun! Dab glue onto the shoulders or bottom rung of the hangers. Let it dry, then remove any flyaways around the spots of glue. Once the hangers are completely cool, hang your clothes and voila! Shirts, dresses, and pants stay put.

Free Keychains

The next time you get a free keychain, use it to create more space in your closet! Just run the head of a hanger through the key ring, then hang another hanger from it. This creates a cascading hanger system without having to buy a thing!

Shower Curtain Rings

Got new curtain rings (or took our advice to change them out with ribbon)? Use the old ones to organize your coat closet. Hammer a nail into the wall, then hang a couple of curtain rings on it. They can be used to grasp items like gloves, hats, and purses, or you can run a scarf through one.

Reversed Hangers

When you’re hanging blazers and suit jackets, reverse the position of the hanger to save yourself trips to the cleaners for pressing. Using a wooden hanger, turn it so that curve is facing you when you slip the jacket or blazer over it. The backward hanger will keep the jacket’s shoulders nice, tight, and wrinkle free.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.