6 Tips for Treating Tempromandibular Disease


Put Jaw Pain to Rest

6 Tips for Treating Tempromandibular Disease

Allowing your jaw to properly align is one of your top priorities as a TMD sufferer. That means paying attention to your sleep position. Side sleeping encourages jaw misalignment. While it may be tough to adjust to back sleeping at first, in the long run it will ease your TMD pain.

Baby Your Jaw with Soft Foods

Tough, crunchy foods make your jaw work much harder than it needs to. Give that sore joint a rest by choosing softer food like pasta, boiled meats, fish and steamed vegetables. If you can’t resist those steak tips, be sure to cut them into tiny pieces to lessen the stress on your jaw.

Take Turns with Your Teeth

Letting one side of your mouth do all the work can put unnecessary stress on the same areas. Do your tempromandibular joint a favor by purposefully chewing on both sides of your mouth. While you’re observing your own eating habits, be sure to check your tongue position. If it tends to push against your front teeth, retrain it to rest comfortably on the roof of your mouth as that will ease jaw tension.

Keep Posture in Check

Sitting with your back hunched over a computer keyboard all day can do a number on your posture and your jaw alignment. Be aware of your body placement as you work or sit at your desk. One good trick to remember is to keep your ears in line with your shoulders. It may seem like a small adjustment, but it could make a big difference.

Touch Therapy

Jaw stiffness or discomfort can be eased with the right touch. When TMD strikes, it may be difficult to relax but that is exactly what you have to do! Place a few fingers on the hinge of your jaw and move them in circles until the jaw begins to unclench. Try this massage with your mouth open, then switch to a closed-mouth massage.

Lighten Your Load

Bad posture can contribute to jaw joint problems, so be sure to pack light when you’re walking long distances. If you usually weigh yourself down with a heavy bag during your long morning commute, try switching to something lighter. It will improve your posture and lessen jaw pain by keeping your spine and neck properly aligned.

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