Hello Beautifuls! Today I am sharing 6 different ways to knot your clothes! These are simple fashion hacks! How to make any basic outfit look good! Simple clothing hacks you need to know!


  1. HAPPY SUNDAY LOVES! I am currently stuck in an ice storm in Toronto in the middle of April … Canadian PROBLEMS hahaa what were all your plans for the weekend?!
    I hope you enjoyed the video love youuuuuu alll xo

  2. Hey girl!! Can you do a hair thick video? I’m Greek too and omg my hair is like a lion and I want a heather look

  3. Go girl!❤
    I love you so much???

  4. Love u…. U r soooo sooooo pretty


  6. You are from greece your name is greek

  7. This is the most useful and best hacks channel ever !!!! I'm so lucky and grateful to have found you Nicoletta ??

  8. Are you dyslexic? “More better” ?when you paired “these” with your jeans AND oversized shirt? Tie a knot twice to look like a bow? Why not just tie a bow! 0/10 would not reccomend to reproduce. BYEEEEE

  9. You should do a natural makeup tutorial!! And another request is you should do a everyday morning and night routine 2 in 1 vid❤️‼️

  10. Great video girl! These are great fashion hacks!

  11. i love these!!!!! please do a haul of cute dresses or outfits for spring and where to shop !!!

  12. You should do a girl talk segment and talk about crushes and girl problems
    Love your vids❤❤❤

  13. You’ve changed my life I don’t know what I’d do without you

  14. Thanks for a helpful vidéo ! Luv u too Much ??

  15. hey nicoletta, i have a video request.
    i really struggle with being motivated. i think — yes, i wanna start working out everyday. but then i do 3 crunches and i give up and i stop working out. i really need motivation, could you do a video how to motivate yourself for your „summerbody“ goal?❤️

  16. Amazing, I just want this video because I'm bored with my old clothes ?????

  17. Heyyy! love your channel pls do some Diys ?

  18. I love your hack videos♥️

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