60-Minute Calorie-Torching Cardio-Boxing Workout | Class FitSugar

Get ready to crush calories with this 60-minute cardio-boxing workout with Equinox’s The Cut creator Christa DiPaolo.

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  1. This is fantastic. 🙂

  2. i just did it again today i wacked my face with my tin of black beans – love you christa!!

  3. Those reaction drills are killers!! Still panting heavily…

  4. It's official – I love Christa x Anna workouts! Their energy is so empowering. Didn't think I could do this – but I did and I can't wait to do more (and that is the first time I've said that)!

  5. Dead after 30 minutes. Absolute fun, but hell…

  6. Ummm this video is AMAZING!! I just burned 665 calories in 56 min ???

  7. This looks so much fun to do. Yes I can't believe that was a warm up

  8. It was soooo fun! Best workout ever!

  9. please do more 60 minutes workout with Christa and Jeanette Jenkins. i love you, popsugar!

  10. Does anyone know how many callories do you burn;

  11. This workout is so fun, I love it.

  12. Love these workouts! Any idea approximately how many calories the whole 60 minutes burns??

  13. I love Christa and Janette's workouts. They are amazing trainers. I never get bored working out with them. Please keep them coming!

  14. I think also in terms of Krista and Anna it's clear to see they are being themselves and havent got a fake smile or a fake away about them, that's also really what makes their videos better than some of the others

  15. After doing this work out (and other Krista workouts) every day the past 3 months i've lost 10 kilos (although granted I've totally reduced carb intake and replaced with greens and proteins) And don't ask me what pounds that is, I have no idea. Krista you are my hero and I love you. I tried to do this while listening to metal and heavy rock and it worked equally well although in terms of the correct stance and so on I think it pays to actually listen to her while you do the work out.

  16. Do a vi deo to make peaple skinny

  17. Too difficult

  18. OMG what a workout this kicked my ass. Fantastic. Sweating like mad. Thank you so much.

  19. Hmmm it loses intensity between drills. Drills too short….possible to make an advanced workout someday?

  20. Thank you for this! I had lots of fun and burned 500 calories ??

  21. please do another 60 min workout !!

  22. I did it ?‍♀️love it !!!

  23. do you think this work out would burn 600 calories?

  24. Christa you are amazing. Loving Elle and Anna too. Please BRING US MORE!!!

  25. How many calories does this exercise burn?

  26. PLEASE more of these kickboxing workouts! I LOOOOVE them!

  27. first time I have done this workout love it already,, christa explains everything slows demo down which is good for me ha until I picked it up,, brilliant I could easily get hooked on this workout 🙂

  28. ive been doing it for 2 weeks and guess what, i lose 5kgs oh yeahhh

  29. I love christa!!! The best popsugars’s workout

  30. So much fun and still a challenging workout. Wish there were more of these! Thanks for this one.

  31. how many calories can u burn with this one workout?

  32. I didn't like it cuz they didn't worm up even

  33. Christa you're the best!!!! I LOVE this workout, and you're right, it's more fun since we actually have to think while doing it. Your videos are the best! Thank you!

  34. I loved this workout! I was so focused on the moves I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I was done lol

  35. i can finally complete the workout without modifications… took me a while. lol

  36. время умирать от усталости

  37. Omg so tough! Great workout though

  38. Christa does an awesome workout! Anna's reaction to the fighting plank jack was practically identical to mine!

  39. Omg this was so hard. I did 45 minutes then had to listen to my body and stop. But I'll be back to keep trying this workout until I complete it

  40. Juuuuust did it! So proud of myself now.

  41. Too much pauses in between and goes too slowly. Could be easily fit into a 45min class instead of a 1 hr class. Thought this instructor's other 45 or 35 min classes were more efficient use of the time.

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