7 Clothing Hacks EVERY Girl MUST Know !!

HELLO LOVES! today I am sharing 7 clothing hacks every girl must know! I share a lot of simple clothing hacks and diy clothing hacks as well!! Hope you enjoy !!


  1. Video: "Hello my beautiful neglects"
    Me: …That's deep
    *checks channel name*

  2. I like the hair hacks I also like the clothing hacks too

  3. Where did u get the off the shoulder white top?

  4. Shoulder off is favorite trend

  5. Ugg she works so hard for every video she deserves so much more subs tbh I feel bad

  6. I LOVE your hack videos they help so well

  7. Drinking game. Take a shot every time she says tank top.

  8. You're very beautiful and I love your hacks.Love you and kisses from Bucharest??

  9. I love warn out boots to big for you T-SHIRTS and warn out jeans

  10. your hacks are really awesome and i follow you every where… specially i like your snapchat stories… you are shooo cute… love you bae.. <3 <3

  11. my fashion trend is sandal heels

  12. Hello, Nicollet take. I like high waisted, wide leg pants. I think they make a woman's figure look amazing.

  13. thanks to you, I'm super into high-waisted jeans! <3

  14. I will definitely use the tank top hacks


  16. putting vassiline on your glue gun keeps it from being stringy…

  17. her super cute, me super naca! lol that means ridiculous in Spanish

  18. The question of the day is make a video of how u do ur hair eh?

  19. I like her videos their useful

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