7 Days of Heatless Hairstyles!

Here are 7 days, or 1 week, of heatless hairstyles! I planned a whole week of styles for you in this hair tutorial! 7 Hair styles using absolutely no heat! This is a great way to keep your hair damage free so you gan grow your hair longer or care for fragile hair. I love this mix of half up half down, braided, and updo hairstyles. I know my hair isn’t naturally curly, but I think a few of these would look great on curly hair! Especially Friday, Tuesday, Sunday, and Monday!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Monday: F21
  • Tuesday: H&M
  • Wednesday: Zara
  • Thursday: A&E
  • Friday: H&M
  • Saturday: Zara
  • Sunday: F21
  • Lips: Colourpop Lippiesix in Peppermint


  1. Yang: Wow, I like those hairstyles.

  2. I can never do a rope braid I have stick straight hair and it always seems to slip and unravel

  3. I'm so sad these hairstyles look so good on her and she's so pretty but when a regular person tries it; it doesn't look as good :/

  4. She looks just like my friend that moved away ??

  5. I think if I did the bubble ponytail my mom would be like,"wtf is wrong with this generation?!"

  6. u r beautiful n ur hairstyles also

  7. hey! can u do a makeup tutorial on the look that u were wearing during the statement braid? it was very classy. @Kayley Melissa

  8. I love your videos! Hello from Czech Republic!! 🙂

  9. Does anyone know how to get the knotted hairstyle if I can't get the knotting part to work? I've tried to hard to make it work and I've watched Kayley do it again and again, but it won't work for me!

  10. I love your hair tutorials!!! Keep up the amazing work

  11. These hairstyles are so pretty I love how they're heatless

  12. I love your hair my Asian hair is really not voluminous some of the hairstyles look good you but not on me. I have a large forehead which I really don't like. Thanks for inspiring me I am gonna try all the looks you created! Your amazing! Greetings from Belgium! xxx 🙂

  13. All these girls are so damn pretttyyyy !!!! What's with that

  14. Those hairstyles were not tight and it will just come out easily so I don't really like it

  15. Does anyone else watch these but never do them?

  16. Umm is it ok if u do some hair styles for shoulder length hair and my hair is uneven and discussing I NEED help

  17. Hellow for form the curls How start

  18. She over there doing French braids and knotting her hair so easily, while I'm over here having trouble brushing my hair…..

  19. I will try all of them. I love all! It Looks like so easy, actually so hard. I need more practice. Thank u for posting this video! It is really helpful!

  20. Your so freaking pretty! Ugh! ?

  21. Could you do a hair care video?

  22. How is the best way to iron your hair but still have volume?

  23. This girl could put a turd on her head and still look good haha. My hair is too fine, I need extensions!!

  24. that bubble ponytail looks kinda like jasmine

  25. Thank you thank you thank you

  26. i just started watching your videos. you are soo beautiful and you make all these hairstyles look so easy and effortless! cant wait to try them out. thank you

  27. only if I could French braid

  28. Can u do hairstyles that can really hold for a long amount of time?

  29. You should do a video on how to get out knotted hair styles 🙂

  30. I'm jealous of your beauty and hair skills xxx ?

  31. Omg I ❤️ that striped sweater in the beginning! ?

  32. omg you are absolutely stunning and i have been watching your videos for ages, thank you so os much

  33. your videos are so amazing! Help me out A LOT! Thank you:)

  34. Please can you do a double Dutch braid xx

  35. When you have a sob,(short bob) so you sob… ;<

  36. i honestly dont get how u put the bobby pin when u tie ur hair around the elastic????
    when i do it, the end of the bobby pin comes out at the other side of the pony tail!
    I can never get it right HAHAH

  37. I love you! You are soo cute! ??❤??

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