7 Days of Heatless Hairstyles!

Here are 7 days, or 1 week, of heatless hairstyles! I planned a whole week of styles for you in this hair tutorial! 7 Hair styles using absolutely no heat! This is a great way to keep your hair damage free so you gan grow your hair longer or care for fragile hair. I love this mix of half up half down, braided, and updo hairstyles. I know my hair isn’t naturally curly, but I think a few of these would look great on curly hair! Especially Friday, Tuesday, Sunday, and Monday!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Monday: F21
  • Tuesday: H&M
  • Wednesday: Zara
  • Thursday: A&E
  • Friday: H&M
  • Saturday: Zara
  • Sunday: F21
  • Lips: Colourpop Lippiesix in Peppermint