7 Days of Ponytails!

I hope you love these 7 quick and easy ponytails for everyday! They’re great hairstyles for school, work, or even date night! Hope you enjoy this hair tutorial!

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Dress: Zara
  • Nails: Vana by Julep


  1. She looks like Bridget Mendler

  2. Rip all naturally curly haired brunettes

  3. 7 things to look forward to when my hair grows out

  4. OMG!!! the last one was my favorite!

  5. Watching this in preparation for a vacation! Awesome hairstyles!

  6. Where have you been in my life!!! Omg you are so helpful!

  7. She literally is not thinking about black people's hair

  8. This video is amazing! You are amazing! Where have you been all my life? Hahaha, keep making videos like this! It really helps me <3

  9. I’m a kid and I always share these videos with my mom so she can do them for her self and so she can help me do them.I love your videos!

  10. Nice?I can't help and see those Muscles ?

  11. Step one-
    Have straight white hair

  12. funeral multiple competition relief bill early frankly grant outcome recognition material brilliant.

  13. My hair is long but it super curly and poofy so if I do Saturday it’s going to look 2x larger than yours ?

  14. when has a braid been classified a "pony tail" a braid is a braid

  15. I have black hair so its really hard to tell where the braid is. She has likes streaks of brown hair, so it looks much better.

  16. You look like the blondes in the 90s movies

  17. Can you show from wet hair to dry and curled

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