7 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Tutorial

This 7 easy Holiday Hairstyles tutorial is here to get you through this Christmas season! For this month’s 7 days of hair styles, I’m showing you how to get these easy but cute styles perfect for any party! We’ve got braids, updos, buns, curls, even a tacky sweater look. I’ve got you covered this winter! Comment and tell me which is your favorite!

★What I Used:★

  • Nume Titan 3 1.2.5″ Attachment
  • Hair Doughnut: H&M (but you can get them almost anywhere!)


  1. Oh my gosh! In the ginger bread hairstyle how did your hair look so THICK?! I tried it and my hair was so flat. Tips please ????

  2. This is a wonderful video especially since there is a Winter Formal at my school in a week or so 🙂

  3. I wish there was a youtubers that had hair like mine like mine doesn't fall easily mine doesn't flow nicely mine is stubborn and stiff ?

  4. I did the dutch braid pigtail bun for Christmas last year. I love that it is so easy and quick to do.

  5. White Elephant Party- 0:34

    Seeing Christmas Lights- 1:31

    Tacky Sweater Party- 3:10

    Making Gingerbread Houses- 4:13

    Work Party- 5:35

    Cocktail Party- 6:32

    New Years Eve- 8:05
    You’re Welcome ?

  6. I liked all your ideas for easy updos, I do not have the dexterity to french braid, but I think I can do the ponytail bun. Bows are a little young for me so I would use a variety of decorated pins. Love the ideas and am going to go through tutorials several times to make sure I grasp the concepts. Will let you know how it goes.

  7. These patterns of braiding admire everyone, but where to take such skillful hands !?

  8. OK if you have thick hair the white elephant party hairstyle will NOT work

  9. i'm going to cry that new year's eve one is so gorgeous!!!!

  10. I only trust Kayley's videos to teach me how to do hair!

  11. Beautiful and totally doable! Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. That Mean Girls reference though "YOU GO GLEN COCO!" I love Damian!!

  13. I should be doing homework and instead I’m watching this in the middle of October. I swear to god tho she’s so good at this and you can tell she puts in a lot of effort. I wish I was half as good at this as she is

  14. Her hair is perfect how I wish my hair is like that too

  15. I'm so using one for prom! Xx

  16. Can you do hairstyles for thick and frizzy hair

  17. جميله جداا التسريحات دي .. ??

  18. This is my favorite video of yours! I love the festive happy feels that radiate from you and it's my go to whenever I feel down

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