Everyone is capable of building the body of their dreams. We have collected the most efficient yoga poses that will not only improve the shape of your breasts and the volume of your lungs, but also make you feel strong and healthy.


  1. I do them mostly eveyday ecept for some moves I"ll add them too

  2. How often can these yoga practices be in a week?

  3. please!!! Sanskrit pronanciation needs corrections!

  4. Does these exercises increases flexibility of the body?

  5. I've tried this and i broke my upper arm muscle! thank you!

  6. Love yoga. Going to be starting lessons regularly soon. Didn't know it had this much needed benefit!! Can't wait.

  7. How is it that Americans manage to learn any language in the world with accurate pronunciation but butcher yoga names?? XD

  8. ارجو الترجمة لتعم الفائدة وشكراً

  9. well not for beginners, that's for sure

  10. Mine are hopeless! Thanks though.❤✌

  11. Sanskrit ko pronounced kro thik se….

  12. When I'm not doing fnaf series or video games I'm doing yoga

  13. 1. Warrior
    2. Triangle
    3. Cobra
    4. Bow
    5. Wheel
    6. Supported Headstand
    7. Camel

  14. what is the time of doing yoga?can i do in late noon?

  15. urgh! the narration made me cringe – esp pronouncing Sanskrit words/actual posture names

  16. do plank is the best excersise for lifted breast.also this is for overall body.also 25 to ,30 deep breath.

  17. Definitely not gonna even try number 6!

  18. I'm a simple girl, I see boobs I click

  19. dhaanuuraasanaaaa,✖✖✖✖….pls improvise ur pronunciation…

  20. Easier said than done huh!?!

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