7 Fall Clothing Hacks EVERY Girl Must Know !


  1. Hi Loves! Just wanted to give you a quick UPDATE! My family and I are currently going through an extremely difficult time right now, all my videos are pre filmed I will be uploading, but I will not be as active when it comes to answering comments for a bit I am so sorry I just need a little time to myself to collect myself! But I love every single one of you and all your support means the world to me !

  2. Where did you get your ankle booties beecause I love them

  3. That beanie with bangs look is adorable

  4. your aaaalllllllllllll videos is my favorite

  5. High five! My name is Nicoleta too! ?

  6. God bless❤️ we are here for you❤️

  7. She makes some weird ass constipated face at the end though bro

  8. girl you look like Kyle who is agree ???

  9. She looks great with side bangs

  10. You look gorgeous with bangs!

  11. Love you. hope you doing fine.

  12. For anyone who is confused where to buy knee high/thigh high socks, just go to party city they have A TON there
    I actually found this out by mistake one day lol

  13. Nicoletta you look gorgeous with bangs you should try them again

  14. Do Another Hacks For boobs plz

  15. Love this video can you pls pls pls make a room decor diy pls pls pls pls

  16. stop at 4:17 …she kinda looks like ariana grande….nicoletta i love you so much…i bet you dont know how to spell my name because im from albania…please replyyyyyyyyy

  17. 1st one: or you can just put on over-the-knee socks and then boots like you normally would. In my opinion, that looks way better 😀 btw, that jumpsuit looks great and beanie look suits you so nice!

  18. Love all these hacks! You’re so pretty Nicolette! ❤️❤️

  19. What happened?? Everyone’s really concerned about her and I don’t have sc so I don’t know what happened… is everything okay????

  20. Can you do when your wearing a shirt or a dress but you can't see the bra or the middle of the Brest.

  21. Love You so so much Nicolletta<3

  22. she's got really nice legs hahah ❤️❤️

  23. Thanks for the info Nicole I love this video. Rita

  24. Where did you get your knit sweater at 4:38? I been wanting so badly to buy a comfy sweater. <3 Love the video! These hacks are so going to help me out so much. Thank You!!! <3

  25. U look so hot in a beanie and those bangs ?❤

  26. Sand paper on the bottom of shoes is not a good idea. It will ruin your floors , especially wood floors ! But I love the idea of the knee highs , so maybe a few drops of hot glue to prevent slipping.

  27. you are so pretty! i love this video, so many useful hacks girl!

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