1. Does Antinobotan Solution really help to lost a lot of fat? I've read numerous good stuff about this popular fat burn methods.

  2. Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe right back

  3. You are so helpful!!!!!❤️

  4. Im sooo mad at my s3lf cause im watchin this while eating ice cream, watching Tv and sitting on the couch : pp

  5. Love lazy fitness hacks ❤

  6. Wait did she just say summer is around the corner??? My school starts tomorrow!!!

  7. People say that they look like potatoes but i look like a melon and you know what im fabulous but i do wanna lose weignt ?

  8. I actually through the jar in the fridge..

  9. thumb nail is clearly clickbait ? you can just see she is pushing her stomach out and using her arm to hide how bent forward her back is ? not a hater just sayin

  10. Who else is watching this and literally went to their thermostat when she said it

  11. Btw I drink too much water ;-; I really need help cause in school it's like time is all lost 🙁

  12. About the first one.. I don't like soggy oats?

  13. My body currently looks exactly like the before pic in the thumbnail but I am determined to get a great,healthy body?

  14. 5:48. I don't know if she thinks people can hold planks for a couple of minutes but I sure can't. I can barely do it for a minute.

  15. ?this coffee thing , can i use diet sugar with

  16. Brow fat and white fat??? What about mexican fat???

  17. How if you hate penut butter ?

  18. Ahh it's hard to say this but Iam fat

  19. I'm allergic to peanuts so I can't eat peanut butter??

  20. i need help burning my stomach i wanted to get flat abs and im struggle with it please help me

  21. what if your allergic to peanut butter

  22. honestly, you're a food god!! This healthy Breakfast cup is sooooo yummy ?❤

  23. I tried the Ice one! It's really cool! I love it ❤️

  24. Me: I want to be skinny
    Me:goes to YouTube
    Add: do you want a hot sexy body don't go to YouTube
    Me: keeps watching

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