1. How adorable and naive of me to this this would be easy

  2. this workout help me very much

  3. I'll do this, thank u ???

  4. Hi) thank you for your video's ? I love you and your channel soooo much ???

  5. well I must say your no less den Kendall..infact u vaguely resemble her in this video..!! l instantly subscribed u as soon as I first saw you.your so beautiful..!

  6. you're so pretty ? tell me your secrets

  7. please never delete this video,
    legit play it everyday to workout (Y)

  8. Is this actually her workout

  9. Duuude those bicycle crunches kill me ?

  10. Your channel is every beauty channel I'm subscribed to all in one! Literally you're like perfect in a imperfect way

  11. please do dua lipaaaaa❤❤❤❤

  12. Is this workout ok if you are pregnant? Im in my last month.

  13. Great routine, but I would not call it a "full body" workout 🙂 It's much more isolated for abs and butt :p

  14. I couldn't even finish the whole thing first time ?

  15. I read that Blake Lively's workouts are quite tough and that's what gave her a great body I'd love to see that one. also you're such an inspirational person and you motivate me so much omg I love you this is an amazing channel keep it up girl ???

  16. THIS MADE ME WANT TO BE FIT SO BAD! Can you tell me your snap? Mines adea_l if you could please add me <3<3<3 Love ya

  17. Amazing workout! Kendall Jenner abs is deff what I'm going for lol

  18. Tbh I don't really like the working out videos they are boring to watch ?

  19. could you do a Amanda Lise Lee workout video????

  20. Does anyone know if she's linked a music playlist for working out anywhere? I can never compile a list long enough to last a workout and always give up 5 songs in. If not do any of ya'll know of any compilations on spotify or anything else like that that are good for getting pumped up? (In the small chance that Nicoletta sees this: you should consider linking a song compilation in the description of your workout videos! Love your videos and all the effort you put into them <3)

  21. Plz plz plz do a little mix and pretty little liars beauty hacks vids! Ty love ur vids so much!

  22. Great workout video Nicoletta ??

  23. I love this workout! Kendall Jenner means nothing to me, but the work out itself is awesome!

  24. Girl!!! I do your Intense abs work out 3 times a week (4 if I have more time) since you posted it, and it's been helping me with my love handles!!!!! I'm so excited! I need more of your exercising videos, for every part of the body xD

  25. this workout is great!! Thanks for the share

  26. i'm going to start this workout from today itself ! <3 loved it xo… thanks girl :* <3

  27. If my dance teacher saw your planks she would smack your butt and say, "Get your butt out of the air" ?

  28. yay! another fitness videos? would you be interested in doing a what i eat in a day? I personally love watching these and i feel like it would go great with your fitness series.

  29. Doing it right now??? maybe your 10 minute an one later or tomorrow???

  30. I've tried this workout and BOY is it a killer.

  31. how long of in between breaks do you recommend?

  32. the 30 secs time seems doable, at least i will die trying 😛 😛

  33. Do you have workout timer you use and you can recommend?

  34. Tried this out, and I feel good! You're awesome, Nicoletta! :* Please do more fitness – related videos

  35. Selena Gomez workout please!! Xoxo??

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