7 Quick Accent Braids You’ll Love!

Accent braids can change an entire style in 2 minutes, which is why I love them! Which braid would you try? Tell me in the comments!

  • Nail Polish: Julep’s Lissa

Love you guys!


  1. You remind me of avril levine in this one

  2. 2014? Wow! We're all playing catch-up with you! πŸ˜€

  3. I love the last idea cuz I don't French braid very well so that's cute and I like the one with the two braids on the side and you can put it up into a ponytail those are my two favorites but I like them all bring some some ideas

  4. I always love to add some little braids in my ponytail. Can you do a hair tutorial for girls with glasses, 'cause it't hard for me to have a good hairstyle with glasses.

  5. WOW those braids are pretty!!

  6. I think most of these hairstyle will look more suitable if you have thicker hair unlike me ?

  7. honestly thank u u saved my life my hair is the same color and length as urs and I usually just do a French braid when I am in a rush but omg u saved me these r so easy and gorgeous. (BTW ur beautiful girl)

  8. I swear everything looks better on blonde hair….:(

  9. Do you wear any hair extensions in your hair ??? Cause' your real hair is thin…. Not too thick πŸ™‚ just asking πŸ™‚

  10. You have GORGEOUS hair!!!? mine is just your regular brown…

  11. Absolutely love all the hairstyles! You're so helpful!

  12. This is so helpful! Thanks so much, love ur videos ☺️

  13. You're so pretty kayley ! ?

  14. I love how i don't have to do any french braids for this!!

  15. can u pls show us the difference of a curling wand and curling iron? and which one would you recommend to buy?

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