7 Quick Morning Hairstyles!

Here’s a hair tutorial on 7 quick Christmas morning hairstyles! These are fast, easy, and perfect for pictures.Sorry if I sound a little croaky in this video. I have a bit of a cold and my voice has been sounding funny for days!

Every year I do a video showing you guys some 5 to 10 minute hairstyles for Christmas morning. Today we have half up half down hairstyles, buns, updos, braids, and curls! So many things! These will really help you on Christmas, but they’ll be great for school, work, and every day too! I hope you love them.

★What I Used:★

  • T3 Twirl Convertible Iron 1.5″
  • Fave 4 Texture Takeover
  • Bow: Target

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Clothing: Victoria’s Secret
  • Lips: Colourpop Lippiesix in Peppermint + Gloss


  1. She looks so much like teddy from good luck Charlie. Like if you miss that show!

  2. She is so gorgeous and her hair too amazing even if my hair is brown I would do this hairstyle

  3. 1:32 my fave hair because this shows up on dark hair and I am Asian so I like this one

  4. Omg the hairstyle that looks like a foe fishtail looks amazing.I love your vids!

  5. She is amazing love all the hairstyles

  6. Not just Christmas morning

  7. Hey Kayley I love your videos and I was really wanting you too make a video on like celebrity hairstyles idk if that makes sense but tysm if u do <3

  8. For me, the Bun t the beginning is GOALS

  9. Who else was on their period and was super emotional and cried because she has beautiful hair? No? Just me? Okay…

  10. How do you keep your hair so healthy after bleaching it?

  11. Can you please do a hair care video??

  12. If feel like it's not fair. Hairstyles a seen more on blonde hair and I have brown hair……

  13. Hi! Should I subscribe to her?
    If I get 200 likes I'll subscribe

  14. These hairstyles are beautiful!!!

  15. You deserve more subscribers!

  16. Do a school hairstyle tutorial

  17. How many times do you think she says elastic? Comment your answer.

  18. all of them are soooo cute! thank you for this! <3 I'll try them all!!

  19. She does look sooooooo cute ?

  20. When you took the picture for the fishtail pigtails you looked like Zoella

  21. What if you have really really curly hair?

  22. do more hairstyles for christmas in ponytails

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