7 Running Late Hairstyles!!

Here are 7 hairstyles for when you are running late! This hair tutorial will have you out the door in no time. Whether you’re heading to school, work, or to run errands, this how to is for you!

Not gonna lie, most of my life revolves around fast, easy, and quick hair styles. I love styling my hair and everything, but sleeping in is also great! These are some great options for on the go and will totally work on wet or damp hair! Some of these would also be brilliant on short hair (and obviously long hair as well!). And of course, you can’t forget that this styles can really work on greasy or oily hair. It’s a great way to fake a good hair day!

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  1. Can you find a way for hair to look cute that won't straighten, curl, or stay pulled out when you pull it out of your braids to give it more volume?

  2. What kind of elastic do you use?

  3. is it bad that this is the most work I'd evrr do on my hair in the morning

  4. I wish I could pull my braids to loosen then but they would fall out. I HAVE NO HAIR! My hair is extremely fine! That's why I then struggle with extensions because you can easily see the clips on my head if I section it just a smidge to "thin."

  5. You so remind me of Margot Robbie love your hairstyles thank you for making it easy to understand

  6. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Katelyn Tarver?

  7. Hey girl! I love these hair styles super cute and quick!
    I subbed and liked!

  8. Hi Kayley, love your videos. But I believe it's pronounced scoon-cee. The ü is pronounced the "u" in Uber.

  9. Am I the only one who can't do buns like those because my hair is SOO long and thick and it just ends up looking like a mess

  10. her 'running late' hairstyles are my 'I woke up 3 hours early to do my hair' hairstyles

  11. who else thinks blondes have way better hair

  12. in 2:54 she was supposed to say messy bun instead of braid


  14. Guys..a new kid just went to my school and his name is Bobby…..and his last name is pin. LOL.

  15. Kayley Melissa can you do a how to do a braided knot video I'm having trouble!! ??

  16. whats your natural hair color??

  17. Hiya Haley super fan! U said braid enstead of bun

  18. They're always say they're easy. But they're not! They say messy buns are supposed to be easy.,.but then how come I've tried at least 40 times and I can't do it? no hate though I love watching your videos??❤️

  19. I love doing Dutch Braids on myself so I will definitely do the Dutch Braid bun

  20. I totally thought she was stabbing herself in the head with that comby thing I was so freaked out but then I realized what she was doing.

  21. Am I the only one that thought she looked like Jone (I think?) from Big Time Rush when she did the beanie?

  22. I love these hairstyles!!! They're so pretty

  23. At first I thought she was Summer McKeen lol

  24. If only I still have long hair.

  25. i think you look with this little braided buns in the end like emilia clarke
    P.S I love your videos I watch them like for 2 years now 😀 <3

  26. can you please make a video on how to do a French brade

  27. Love each hairstyle I might try one of this hairstyles .. Love you Kayley ❤

  28. Ive tried the briaded low bun hairstyle on wet hair before really works! And taking the braids out the next day you have wavy hair so two hairstyles in one 😉

  29. These will literally save me an hour in the morning ?

  30. Kayley – I've done the last hair style in this video twice now but the buns always feel very insecure (like if I shook my head a few times it would fall out). Any suggestions on the last step with the bobby pins?

  31. I'd love to see you do a headband braid tutorial!!

  32. My running late hairstyle: greasy weird bun bc no time to wash or brush :')

  33. can you do a running late hairstyle for short hair

  34. I have the same headband and it never looks like the way you're styling it…..so frustrating!!

  35. Kayley,can you make hairstyles for bangs or to haide bangs please?

  36. Are there videos on how to do French braids? I still don't know how to do it 🙁

  37. So lets say I want to do the sleek high ponytail. But, I have bangs. Can I still make it look sleek and pretty even with bangs?
    Ps. Love you!

  38. this would work for school going to do tomorrow it night here an love your vid

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