7 Self-Defense Essentials to Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from an attacker with these essential moves from self-defense expert Jarrett Arthur.

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  1. Simple and clear movements, easy to follow.. Thanks!

  2. Nice video. Don’t forget the importance of protecting the head too, using the high cover block and head movement. That might be a good topic to cover in another video. Can’t defend yourself if you’re unconscious. Demonstrating the applications of the hammer fist could be a good topic too. There were a few excellent opportunities to use the hammer fist strike in this video that would have been more beneficial than palm heel strikes when the attacker is doubled over exposing the base of the back of his skull to a strike.

  3. plz teach us when the enemies are more .In that situation what we have to do ?????

  4. yuup it works so thanks fot teaching us sister ,????

  5. not bad. the elbow strike part is way off. the places where she says to make contact are spots where major nerves pass through, so striking in those spots you would most likely hurt yourself hitting a solid surface. elbows on the street, one would ideally want to strike with the tip of the bone, where no exposed nerve endings are and the sharp part of the bone is. that is how cuts and focused damage is caused with an elbow. a lot of these techniques in the video are easy to do in demo, but in a real situation, they are not so effective, especially since the stress innoculation training in 99.9% self defense training is nowhere even close to the stress experienced in a real street situation. people that have never had to defend themselves or been in professional fight, shouldn't teach self defense in my opinion.

  6. Came up just at the right time. One of my colleagues was mugged on her way to the car park after work..sharing this with my loved ones. Thanks pop Sugar 🙂

  7. I don't know why I'm watching this it's cause I'm bored

  8. Thanks for the tips! I felt nervous for the guy xD was afraid she'd slip and hit him. He was a champ though.

  9. Great video!! Loved it!! Here's my newest video! Please check it out!:)

  10. Very useful..thanks Jarrett Arthur and POPSUGAR Fitness.

  11. Attention, people: do not invest, do not join – Fake 100%……………………..

  12. What if the throat snaps while rotating?

  13. This is the perfect example of a guy you would NOT beat. This guy would take you down.

  14. What if I’m too short to reach face and neck and my face is the same level as his belly button

  15. These are all great! I'm only really worried about how I would do the ones where my arms need to come up because I have an illnesses that causes me to temporarily blackout and/or pass out when I put my arms above eye level.

  16. Every girl, or really anyone who runs/walks alone, or isn't always in a group needs this! Hopefully it would never need to be used… but, this is great information to have.

  17. This looks like Krav Maga. There are a lot of groin injuries which can be a focal point with that type of M.A. style.

  18. สำคัญที่สุดคือต้องมีสติค่ะ สติ

  19. 遇到別人要攻擊自己 , 應該保留理性談話的空間 , 像這樣大聲向對方喊叫 ( 0:40 ) , 與其說是在防身 , 不如說只是在表現一種兩性關係 , 未必對防身有益處.

    黑色的拳靶( 1:17 )似乎設計有點問題 , 把手設計在兩側邊 , 似乎會有不好抓握的問題

  20. Yo, a lot of this is from a self-defense system called Krav Maga – look it up. I am learning it at the moment and am finding it very useful.

  21. For those of you who found this interesting you should look up Krav Maga in your area because that's what this is.

  22. Make more videos of this sort please .

  23. What if the perpetrator has a knife or some kind of weapon?

  24. do I need to sound like an aerosol can at the same time or is that optional?

  25. I get kicking the groin if a male is threatening, but is it effective for females as well?

  26. That poor guy was just standing there like a dummy?. Anyways a very informative video??

  27. She is the definition of a Ball Buster

  28. Lets face it, when ur in danger, let ur adrenaline kick & go crazy with whatever attack you can do, cuz u wont remember any of those

  29. Gracias!! de verdad esto es muy util

  30. Wooooww. Really its very helpful

  31. We want more like this! Thank you!!! For teens as well.

  32. That poor dude is so scared to get hit in the nuts whenever she goes close to his groin ???

  33. Everyone should know and practice these basic movements. very simple and practical.

  34. Good tips, but men are usually bigger and stronger, I hope I never have to implement these strategies to see if they are effective.

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