Getting rid of excess fat is usually difficult and takes a long time. We at Bright Side found 7 simple tricks that will surely help you to reach your goal faster.


  1. Who else is watching this because you want to have nice body for summer?just me? Ok…

  2. Im only 10 but i feel like im a fatass

  3. You guys ever heard the see-food diet?

  4. thanks for your videos ?????

  5. My mom makes the green smoothie except she uses lime and like spinach and cucumber it actually taste good when u get used to it

  6. I'm going to try them exp and I will drink a lot of water

  7. drink plenty of water n what urinating again n again which is irritate ur private part…..

  8. I gagged at the sight of green smoothie

  9. Who would`ve thought that I had been capable of achieving these incredible results? I actually lost 9 lbs in barely two days! All of it took was a google search just for this diet “sowo amazing plan” for me to learn all of this. You need to give it a go. Google and research on the topic.

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  11. That Red Lobster ad at the beginning really through me off?

  12. 1-6 ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,number 7 NEVER

  13. Somehow these videos makes me feel all enthusiastic like I am losing wait already just by watching it and feel like m gonna do it tomorrow morning the moment I wake up and that's it..

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