7 T-SHIRT HACKS EVERY Girl SHOULD Know | How to Transform your OLD T-SHIRTS !! (NO SEW)

Hello loves! Today I am sharing 7 t-shirt hacks every girl should know! How to transform your Old T-shirts no sew or no glue!! DIY clothing hacks, diy choker shirt ! Revamp old clothes and more!!


  1. hey Nicoletta my name is Nicholette! You've gained a subbie

  2. I think it's time for new scissors. ?

  3. You need better lighting.

  4. To many ads so I just keep taking It off guys do this if you don’t want to see ads

  5. GIRL YOU NEED SHAVE DIM ARMS OF YOURS! just not to be rude or anything

  6. She cutting up some mans clothes lol. Love these hacks

  7. You yes u the person who is reading this yea god bless u??

  8. Thank you so much! I did the cut out tee (in the thumbnail) it turned out amazing! Thank you so much, you definitely earned a subscriber from me.

  9. I fell in love when you said "broke girl problems" this is the reason why I'm here I relate 100% so you got a new sub???

  10. Thumbs up if you ended up here wanting to grow lots of lemons on a tree.

  11. HEY BABES! Please check out my fashion and beauty channel!! promise you'll love it!!

  12. The first outfit reminds me of Ms.Trunchbulls outfit when she was working out ????

  13. Number 2 and 3 are my fav .. i will make em

  14. My favorite is the 2nd t shirt????

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