7 Ways to Embrace Your Personal Style

Keep reading to see 7 ways to embrace your authentic, personal style.

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1. Don’t be afraid—be different!

Is a certain color calling your name? Did you see a printed coat that just speaks to you? Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd with items you love. Treat them like your calling card and be known for being different.

2. Find style inspiration everywhere you look.

We like to call the internet the wild, wild web sometimes—there’s inspiration everywhere you look. But every once in awhile, don’t forget to look up from your iPhone or other device and check out the world around you. The woman you sit next to on the bus, or your favorite barista might be your next style crush.


3. Let your lifestyle have a say

Whether you’re a busy mom-on-the-go or stepping into your first job, let your day-to-day have a say in what you wear.

4. Play to your strengths

Have favorite features that you love to show off? Or, do you know that a certain silhouette fits your figure to a tee? Play up your strengths this year for a healthy dose of daily confidence.

5. Have a style muse or two

I love how (_________) dresses. Now, insert your style muse’s name there. Don’t have one? Make 2018 the year where you find one or two. Having a style muse in your back pocket will be one of the sharpest tools in your toolbox when you hit an outfit rut or feel like freshening up your look.

6. Show your style with accessories

Get this: accessories can make an outfit. If you’re the type of gal who always needs a statement earring, that’s part of your signature style! Simple or statement-making earrings, bags, necklaces and even your makeup is all part of your own unique take on style.

7. Above all, be yourself & tell your Stylist! (That’s what we’re here for!)

If you’re just taking the first step toward discovering your personal style or know the ins and outs of yours, tell us! Keep your Stylist in the loop, too—she wants to be with you every step of the way!

Where are you in your personal style journey? Just beginning or all set? Tell us!

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