7 Ways to Look Taller and Slimmer

A petite stature has its advantages. For instance, you always look younger than your actual age. But there are drawbacks as well: you need to carefully choose your clothes and accessories because an unsuccessful combination can easily “shorten” your figure and deprive it of its gracefulness.
The editors of Bright Side asked top stylists for advice on how to properly accentuate a petite stature and checked out their recommendations with the help of a charming model.


  1. I m 5.3!!!? i m just confused? m i short?

  2. This model is probably like 5’8” or something ?

  3. But I don't feel comfortable in crop tops stop telling me to wear them I am petite,but I hate crop tops so no thanks

  4. I’m just here to read all the “empowering comments for the petite women” I’m 6’1???

  5. Wear whatever the fck you want

  6. why would they make the voice a male, it makes it so much creepier

  7. I think Ariana Grande (153 cm) breaks every single rule in this vid and looks stunning ?

  8. You should have the sized bag you like! Not everyone likes little bags AND not everyone’s petite. Wear what you wanna wear and look how you wanna look most ppl like making their own choices. Ladys, you wear what you wanna wear

    I’m writing this because I’m petite and after watching this I’m accturly offended ☹️

  9. and i can’t stay modest at the same time? I DONT WANNA SHOW MY STOMACH SMH

  10. I only looked at this video out of curiosity.

    I like being short XD

  11. Can you change your sound?its very creepy

  12. Can you change your sound?its very creepy

  13. that moment When you realize That The model irl isn’t short


  14. Amazing Info! BTW Guys watch my weight loss story in my channel.

  15. Honestly who said being petite is a bad thing ? All body types are beautiful and we shouldn't dress to conform with society's idea of a perfect body .

  16. I'm just skinny and short ?

    (Some one called me anorexic ????????)

  17. This realy helped me look taller and slimmer.
    I am really skinny myself but my Friends even said have I lost wait or been doing exercise.
    Also saying I've got taller… which is what i was going for.

  18. stop eating and grow taller wear anything you want! easier way than shoppin!

  19. my hight is 5'9 am a girl i think my hight is much taller…

  20. What is the measurement of a petite girl?? I mean upto what/which height (in feet) considered petite? Anyone?

  21. I'm a 5.4 in. 6 the grade and I want too be more taller

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