8 Clothing Hacks EVERY Girl MUST Know !!


  1. After some hours I'll go to school
    I should sleep smth but I'm on youtube lol

  2. omg i love ur room the wall is so pretty??

  3. I'm new to the fandom❤️I love your videos?

  4. Do a eye makeup tutorial!!!!!!????? and u are so beautiful!

  5. Fave food: Hawaiian pizza!! Yummm!!!!

  6. What is the song that was played in the beginning of the video I needed to knowww

  7. I just love your videos!♡
    always following you on YouTube 😀

  8. Your hacks are great. I subscribed right away after seeing it. Your very cool and down to earth. I like that you talk a little, it gives us a chance to know who we are listening to. Thanks. Oh my favorite food is king crab legs and probably pizza. Not sure witch one.

  9. your sooooooooooooooooooo pretty

  10. You are awesome, you are one of the only youtubers that reply to our comments????

  11. HI Nicollet a. I love seafood, especially lobster.

  12. i love pasta, fried dough, and tollhouse chocolate chip cookies?

  13. My favourite food is Chinese food

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