1. Hello loves! Hope you had an amazing weekend! Let me know if you want to see PART TWO by giving this video a thumbs up because I have so many other ones in store 😉


  2. Most of these are from a youtube channel called Crafty

  3. hi I know I wrote yesterday but I just want to say that I really love u and I really want advice on how to get a boy to like me because he lives in Florida and I live in Tennessee and so I will be seeing him in Christmas so I need hacks as soon as possible but no rush of course it would be a big help with love ivannaxoxo

  4. Great video but i have another clothing struggle, SEETHROUGH TOPS!!! hate them

  5. You had 2 last clothing struggles ? anyone else notice? Love ya though haha

  6. I love your channel nicoletta!!! Btw I came across your channel a few months ago and was amazed by you hacks. And I'm looking forward to part 2 of this video. Love yaaaa❤????

  7. My biggest clothing struggle is how ALL my jeans bunch up and it looks like I have a jean penis

  8. Bra straps is the biggest concern

  9. M New here……ND I love you …..

  10. Please make a video on what's in my bag

  11. Sub to my channel I’ll sub back

  12. I think your videos are awesome really good. For the underwear line I just wear gstring . The boy leg underwear feel comfortable

  13. I need help finding a hack for my jeans. I bought some really cute distressed jeans. They fit me perfectly everywhere but my the waistband. I am supposed to wear the jeans with a black cropped off the shoulder shirt.Idk what to do to make the jeans fit. I cant buy another pair and its to late to return them.

  14. I always love watching your videos because they are always super helpful. So keep up the good work ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Well safety pin, the pieces OF out broken hearts back together

  16. What's the intro song ? Btw I love this video ❤️

  17. Where did you get your jeans? The one in the last hack

  18. So goddamn useful hacks. Especially the last one with the oversized jeans. Thanks a lot!!! Love yaaa♥️

  19. i wish i could be your boyfriend.

  20. Omg hOw did I get here so late? Love you Nicoletta ???

  21. Your body is gorgeous Nicoletta ❤❤❤

  22. That's a soup for healthful hack at the end when I wear those tight pants I hate having underwear lines I either way of the boy's shorts I'm obsessed with them anyway or thongs

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