8 Effective Exercises to Slim Down Your Face


  1. Hey guys! Have you already tried these exercises? We'd love to hear about your results!

  2. Can you do an video for check bones exersices

  3. I was reading comments when I was suppose to be doing exercises ??… oh well

  4. Skipping rope is Great for slimming down the face. I saw a difference, especially in the neck region.

  5. ive been doing these exercises for a week now and the results are crazy. definitely worth it!

  6. instructions not clear..got my d**k stuck on my chin.

  7. Exercises for face … superb bro … but your actual video starts from 1:04

  8. try chewing gum when your going out or doing cardio sugar free gum that is

  9. I did these excersises while driving and got pulled over for drinking lol

  10. Does this rrealy works?

  11. I am doing this excercise for one week and results are pretty much visible. When i wash my face i feel muscles on cheek bones. Bright side you have changed me completely till now I was just doing your all body workout which is also a very amazing one. Love ???????????

  12. face exersice is reallly hard pain full but resul it good thanks for this exersice

  13. Just say the excercise
    Shouldn't take longer that 2 mins to say all that.

  14. Demonstration would have been better than images

  15. oh man thankyou,just gt done…woohoo
    im feeling it!!

  16. It's really effective in just 4 days u can feel it first i thought i will not but when I read comment i though i should try this and it's amazing

  17. Some of the exercise i did and i fell the pain and tired of my face it only means it is really works. Great i love it

  18. that thumbnail is called photoshop

  19. How many time do we have to do this exercise routine in a day?

  20. It actually worked for me I’m young but have a double chin worked amazing

  21. lol the preview of that asian girl with a strong jaw.. that is not a chubby face, it's her jaw line, you can't "slim down" that.. you would have to go thru a jaw surgery to reduce it..

  22. i only came here for the song, such a good song, anybody knows the name?

  23. G r e a t !! Really good face exercises. Tank you!! 1/18/18

  24. This works! My friend have been doing these for 5 days and we can both see results! It takes time but it’s worth it ?

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