8 Flawless Skin Secrets from Asian Women

Countless numbers of Asian women look much younger than their years — at 40 they might look to be about 20. Here are some of their secrets that will help you keep your skin looking gorgeous for many years to come.


  1. I'm asian(filipina) don't know all this. I'm 37 always mistaken 25. My mom is 60 we're 9 siblings and she looks like in mid 40's.
    Maybe just in genes.

  2. I think this is for Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
    I'm south east Asian and my skin isn't that flawless 🙁

  3. Because Asians are interested in beauty and strive to be beautiful, they look more young than Westerners.

  4. I'm asian and I don't know LOL

  5. i'm asian and i've never done one of these

  6. I'm Eastern Asian and I don't do all these, but my skin is still in good condition

  7. I'm Asian. I just drink a lot of water, eat a healthy food, jogging and smile a lot.

  8. When you don't have all the products to make the masks…

  9. The secret is be born with more melanin lol

  10. I guess im a bad asian i never knew all this thing except for no. 2

  11. Did you just refer this to East Asia because if you are then I'm dissapointed in you Bright Side .

  12. But I'm 13 and Asian and I have wrinkles under my eyes already ?

  13. Asian and know konjac sponge from the other part of the earth

  14. We jst inject collagen and vitamin C and drink beauty drink supplements evernite b4 bed and every morninh b4 bfast????

  15. lol, i'm an asian but i don't even know these secrets

  16. We look a bit younger not just bc of skin, but also our simple features of our face structure, eyes, nose, mouth comparing to the deep define eyes,etc of westerners.

    Edit: like Indians are also asians but media don't normally consider them "young for their age" bc their features are deeper like westerns.

    Not saying eastern Asians are better/more beautiful. Just saying that it's not just the skin, it's also the features of our face

  17. As Asian, I don't do any routine in the video but still have good skin. Just find the cleaning product which fits you the best

  18. I've been told I don't look like my age many times. I only do #1 and #5. Stay moisturized and use sunscreen. Can't imagine washing my face using the 4-2-4 method.

  19. who's Asian and don't know about these methods ???

  20. Ain't no body got time for that!

  21. Eighty percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun

  22. I dont think any asians are doing most of those

  23. i think we look young because of the genes, nothing else. I never use any of these routines. LOL. heard of them for the first time.

  24. I don't do these routines. I only apply sunscreen and drink enough water.

  25. I am Asian.. and what makes Asian look younger than others are we usually smile and laugh. we also eat more green veggies. also we don't take problem so emotionally. I am turning 30 and I am a mother of two beautiful kids. but most people won't believe me when I said I'm a mom and 30s.

  26. I laughed at this video. Most of these things are not common where I live, except the rice water and umbrella stuff.

  27. would try these but cannot use half of the facial products because of how sensitive my skin is:(

  28. As I'm a Cute Asian. . .

    This Triggers me

  29. who else is asian but don't know other asians' beauty secrets? ?

  30. sorry that's too much… I am 48 yrs old I don't use those..!! u r talking about Japanese females…

  31. rinsing your skin for 4 minutes won't do any better than rinsing for 1 minute.
    you shouldn't use the same sponge for a long time. they allow bacterial growth.

  32. Who likes lizzza? Like this if it's a yeah

  33. how to get beautiful skin
    ●Drink water and eat healthy food like fruits and veggies and give up on those fatties food
    ●Wash your face with water as much as u can in one day to keep the skin clear from dust and dirt
    ●light makeup or no makeup at all
    ●wear sunscreen or spf even if it's winter because sun rays can go through clouds

  34. Who else is half Asian half Western?

  35. Most of these are korean skincare methods, they honestly have the best skin: so clean, poreless, dewy, healthy, but it's also because they eat healthy. T^T

  36. umm I don't know anybody asian who does those things (including me). I just wash my face with water haha but hey these are still some great tips (:

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