Here are 8 INSTANT WAYS TO LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVE! These tips and tricks will instantly make you look and feel more attractive, pretty, beautiful, and confident. *Beauty is NOT the most important thing!* BUT – we all love to look and feel our best – so I hope these tips and tricks to looking more “attractive” are helpful! 🙂


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  1. When you look good, you feel good and viseversa. Great tips ✌

  2. she actually tricked me into clicking the subscribe button idk how but she did

  3. Your whole video is the youthful immaturity of lack of confidence about your petdonalitu, depth of character and what's important in life.
    Trust me your fast talking about superficial looks is just that: superficial.

  4. Be who you are..spend more time volunteering at seniors centre.

  5. Showing off your decotage is not necessary, men like honest women.
    Superficial and showing blobs a skinny collar bone is unattractive to most men.

  6. 3. Clean face, neat clean clothes, Rudy hair. Men love wimen, they don't need gimicks.

  7. 2. Men don't care about eyebrows..but women do.
    Natural eyebrows with a bit of plucking is best.

  8. 1. Heels. Poor for the spine and hips. They are only good for appealing to male libido.

  9. She looks similar to Elizabeth Olsen, is it just me?

  10. When she says "nude" does she mean nude to your skin tone or the shoe that is called nude

  11. Still miss I hate videos like this everybody is beautiful inside and out do not kill yourself because somebody said your unattractive

  12. Great tips…especially the last two! Thank you!

  13. All tips are easy. Please do a video on how a short height chubby girl can look attractive

  14. Thank you for such valuable information.

  15. Love your humor. And your genuine demeanor

  16. This is the type of dumb shit I watch when I'm bored lol . I feel pitty for whoever actually listens to this

  17. <3 <3 <3

  18. Her eyes match her hair and it is so pretty.

  19. Loving ! I do , I do, I do ? the 10th one all the time ! That makes the life easier ?

  20. I think being yourself and not feeling the need to use makeup is more effective

  21. I have bangs so.. My eyebrows cant be seen MEHEH

  22. You look blomming i wish is could too


  23. The collar bone thing is only for skinny people

  24. Yes I also feel so when ever …I wear off shoulders dresses…it really feels sexy…and my shoulder line shines…so it attracts guys

  25. Yes!! Eyebrows, lips, hair & neckline all bundled in one. Love your eyebrows and perfect lip color! ??

  26. Loved your video ? I will definitely try to apply all ur tips.Thank u so much.Luv u from India?

  27. Smiling and being nice to others is most importent…

  28. I tried these and I still see a pile of rubbish when i look in the mirror ?

  29. Its hard to watch this video because I feel like ur head is gonna b cut off any sec. can u move down to the middle of the vid screen? And get a not- prison- concrete- background? Cool.

  30. You’re so conceited…you’re just describing yourself pff

  31. I hate that you had to start with an apology. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

  32. unbutton your shirt and show your bra strap? can't we see how bad this really is? ?

  33. Decolletage is pronounced DECK-LA-TAJ. You're rockn' Louboutin's & "educating" viewers about fashion & luxury brands, but didn't know how to say that. Can't even take you seriously now ?

  34. Ummmm-SMILING with quick eye contact and being KIND GOES A LONG WAY❤️???
    ALL FREE????☺️

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