8-Minute Flat-Belly Workout With Astrid Swan

Flatten your belly in just 8 minutes with celebrity trainer Astrid Swan.

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  1. wow this is awesome , i feel like im gonna get abs from the first day lol

  2. My neck hurt easily when i tried this. Am i doing it wrong? am i lifting myself in the wrong way or is it normal?

  3. Awesome burn in a short amount of time, definitely a challenge in a good way. Personally I can't stand tons crunches for ab work, no matter how much I engage my abs I end up getting a sore neck extremely quickly, even after 9 months of core work, so I'll probably opt for a more varied video next time, but I love Astrid's energy.

  4. short yet sooo intenseeee…absolutely loved it!!!

  5. I do really love astrid. She’s the one who make me feel motivate!

  6. Great video!! Loved it!! Here's my newest video! Please check it out!:)

  7. I do these often and I forget the end and the. When I wake up my back and arms kill ?

  8. I like this workout and the instructors are awesome! My one complaint being the lack of lower abdominal work. Upper abs are on fire and my lower abs, that could use help, feel very little. Would the PopSugar family mind posting a lower abdominal and rotational abdominal workout? I would be eternally grateful! <3

  9. Astrid is the best wman traniner. I wish you can load more her videos.

  10. Astrid is such an amazing instructor! I just listened to her on the Lady Gang podcast and she is sooo smart and funny!!

  11. Whew wee…short but powerful! Thank you : )

  12. new subscriber ??

  13. I started swearing about the first minute hahaha… It burrnssssss ???

  14. Glad this was only 8 minutes. Tough in a good way!

  15. Awesome workout. If you're interested in hiit workouts subscribe to my channel and follow my journey. Workout videos coming soon.

  16. one amazing platform … I do its different classes and feeling my body more strengthening and in-shape. love it! tanks Anna!

  17. Hi~ i'm 17 years old
    My heigh 154 and my problem is i'm obesity!!! Can anyone help me??? My current mass is 65??

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