8-Minute Full Body Tabata Workout | Class FitSugar

Have you tried Tabata? All you need is eight minutes! This quick high-intensity workout is perfect if you need to burn some calories fast but do not have the time. Alternate exercises to focus on your whole body, working hard for 20 seconds and then taking 10 seconds to rest. Blast your favorite playlist and follow along!

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  1. By round 6 ole gurl look like she was bouts to fall out hah damn self. Lawd ham mercy NAW y'all ?????

  2. Approximately how many calories does this workout burn? Depending on how hard you go, of course.

  3. This isn't Tabata. Not enough intensity.

  4. this is nice and fun I  find it boring when the people talk too much

  5. Hello ! good job ! i like your workout, look my channel i have many tabata workout, best regards, Harold from France

  6. Great short workout, no talking, just straight getting on with it. Love it

  7. is it good for men also or just for woman?

  8. Seems like one of the best and shortest workout video here in Youtube. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  9. I really like this format. And I love tabata. You really can do anything for 20 seconds.

  10. That just kicked my butt!! Woooheee

  11. What type of those are those? They are great. Workout was, too. I did this at home first and then tried it out with my Freshman PE class today!

  12. is it even for males? thx fro reaction

  13. I love the way 'Great job!' appears in the end ?

  14. please make some more of those videos! This is one of my favorites!

  15. this is THE BEST Tabata video AND format!
    Thank you!

  16. this is perfect !! I was looking for something quick but effective to do right before breakfast in the morning and this is fun , I feel my body working and Its not so difficult that I find myself skipping specific parts

  17. +POPSUGAR fitness do you think you'll ever do another one or more of these

  18. Okay I love the timer. I feel like I can get through it seeing it go down. Haha! Thanks for the workout

  19. How many calories does it burn? Great Job, but it could be longer! 🙂

  20. Love this. Make some more of this please.

  21. Decided to try this for the first time.. sweating and out of breath. Refreshing to switch up from my everyday workouts. Planning on doing this daily. Less than 4 weeks for me to get down before my across the world move.

  22. Excellent, congratulations!!! for the channel and thank you

  23. Does it really work? I am asking out of curiosity. I used to lift weights and got injured while I was doing that. so I am giving this a try. but doing it for 7 mins is enough? I used to do workout for more than 90 minutes in the past.

  24. I love the format you have for the video: bright colors, displayed timer, change in music. This was really well put together. BUUUT this is not a true Tabata.
     1) You have to MOVE. Pick up the pace. Lunges don't go fast enough. And those push-ups don't get close either. I can see why you might feel it is easier to start at a beginner pace. In that case, still move as fast as possible, but start with less reps. Work up to the 4 minute mark.
    2) Dr. Tabata has done extensive research, and 8 minutes is unnecessary. 4 is enough. I know that often feels like not enough cardio, but he recommends one longer cardio session a week to balance it out.

  25. Haha this reminds me a lot of the 7 minute workout app – KILLS me every time.

  26. Just got done doing this and now I'm laying in a pool of my own sweat … Dying.

  27. How many times should i do this workout a day to burn calories ?

  28. looove this hopefully theres more tabata videos in this style soon! I love that I can turn the volume down and blast my beyonce but still see the timer!

  29. Hope to see more workouts in this format, love it!

  30. I love this, please do another one!

  31. Great Great Great! Thank you POPSUGAR Fitness for this video! My first try of Tabata! THANKS! Feelin good now! 🙂

  32. 8 minutes of good ol' ass-kicking! Love it!

  33. +POPSUGAR Fitness LOVE the format of this video!!

  34. L O V E IT !!!! 
    It is the perfect workout routine!! TABATA is my new favorite <3 More videos please 😀

  35. More videos like dis please because it's more challenging. Please.

  36. Love the format and display!!!!!!! Y'all should consider making more of these routines, with this format, into an app if you haven't already! I would download that :). This was fun to follow along, especially with the built in timer for rounds. Or at least make a whole series of YT videos like this for days when I'm too lazy to plan my own workout! 😀

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