8 Tips For Finding Balance in Life

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, but it can happen! We partnered with Chobani to help you find the perfect balance.

Keep all the important parts of your life in check and get yourself organized for making every day the best it can be. Just making small changes helps you stay on track while avoiding burnout. And these tips from nutrition and wellness expert Dr. Zelena Montminy make smart sense. Like if you bring something new home, make room by donating something you haven’t used in two months. All eight of these tips will leave you feeling balanced and ready for all of life’s exciting challenges.

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  1. Leaving work at work not possible for teachers

  2. Exciting! Something valuable. I do my digital detox through meditation or workout, but with 2 kids I actually don't get an hour

  3. how will i know my one hour digital detox is up if i can't look at my watch?

  4. your voice is really comforting!!!!!!love it!!

  5. and dont forget to remove your make up before you go to sleep ?

  6. setting an alram for sleeping is real good idea

  7. I got excited for "embrace your cravings" and then I was let down with greek yoghurt

  8. I will translate for my friends ^_^
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Instead of throwing things away, consider donating them, for example, clothes, books, toys, etc. That way, even if you're not using them, you can feel good knowing that someone else will. And it's a great way to support your local community institutions/charities.

  10. throwing things away..my biggest challenge in life

  11. but what if we dont have this money :/

  12. That is some very subtle advertisment 😀

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