1. If we dont have aloe vera cream that what should we apply
    By The Way your channel is amazing????????????????

  2. You expect me to burn my hair because a vedio told me to?!

  3. The feet are disgusting

  4. que asco los pies

  5. happy new year to all people of five min crafts

  6. The second one was enlarging your lips? You just did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge ?

  7. Did she actually burn her hair?????

  8. Me when people talk about thin hair: oh well flicks hair that's a shame for flicks hair again for you
    Everybody there: who invited her?

  9. wow this channel must love sarabeatycorner so much they decided 2 copy her!

  10. лайк есле русский

  11. Love ??? Aaaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii???????????

  12. If this video is for life hacks for women how come there was a man demonstrating the hack?

  13. The one with the pink shirt had a very creepy smile

  14. Did anyone notice that 4 the thin hair 1 she left a big piece of hair hanging in the back

  15. Did anyone notice that at 23:36 "massage" was spelled wrong?

  16. Нефига соби 10 милионов подпищиков ого до и вангая им как самольоту взлететь

  17. اريد اعرف الي خلت فوق المرطب ا لي يشبه العصارشنو

  18. The idea of using a colour pencil as eyeliner you have copied from sara beauty corner

  19. Eww dafuq puts banana peel on ur teeth?

  20. 0:48 its Kylie Jenner lip challenge and its dangerous!

  21. 3:40 SLIME TUTORIAL!!!!!!! (Just Add Some Activator ?)

  22. Who are here who just watch but never try give a like if yes

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