9 Beauty Rules No Royal Lady Would Ever Break

Every girl (or almost every girl) wants to become a princess, and in case it’s impossible by blood or by marriage, you can still look and behave like one if you follow some simple rules of the royalty. Somehow, the royal ladies’ outfits, hair, and makeup always look flawless no matter what. The reason is these secret beauty rules that royal women continue to live by every day to always look perfect.

If you want to look like a princess, your makeup should look absolutely natural. To achieve this, you can apply some concealer and a matte foundation. A filler will help you to define your eyebrows. Apply some light matte eyeshadow. Coat your eyelashes with two layers of mascara. If you want to look like a royal lady, visit a nail studio on a regular basis or care about your nails at home.
It’s obvious that royal ladies have professionals working on their hair, cutting, treating, coloring, and styling it. But even without a team of professionals, you can take a good care of your hair. Visit hair salon at least several times a month to have your hair professionally cut and colored.
As for a royal outfit, the main rule here is the mixture of conservatism and elegant fashion. Princesses are famous for their classic and chic style of dress. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose clothes as smart and stylish as royal ladies wear.
You need to learn to handle everything that comes your way with grace. Don’t hurry to react negatively, compose yourself, breath in, breath out. Don’t forget about the way you stand, sit, and move. If you stand, your posture should be straight. If you sit, one ankle should be put behind the other one or your knees and ankles should be pressed together and slightly slanted to one side. Avoid slouching by all means.


  • It is simply forbidden to wear red or bold berry lipstick shades.
  • Royal ladies should always stick to more natural makeup without heavy contouring.
  • You will never see any false lashes, winged eyeliner or smokey eyes on royal ladies.
  • The key to makeup staying put is to use a very good powder and to set the makeup with a spray.
  • Apparently, makeup touch-ups aren’t classy or elegant, that’s why royal ladies aren’t allowed to do that.
  • Royal ladies prefer to keep their nails short and cover them with semi-sheer nude nail polish.
  • Royal protocol approves simple and neat hairstyles.
  • Royal ladies aren’t allowed to wear clothes revealing their cleavage.
  • According to the royal dress-code, hats are required for all types of formal events including weddings and Christmas services.
  • The hemlines of your skirt or dress shouldn’t be much shorter than just above your knees. High-quality basic pieces of clothing never get out of fashion. If an occasion is casual, settle on a pair of straight-legged jeans, a top, and a blazer if the weather is cool. If an occasion is formal, an elegant and simple dress or a skirt suit will be the best choice.
  • Always act respectfully and remember about dignity. Be reserved in everything you post on your social media. Don’t forget about the way you stand, sit, and move.


    No bright lipstick 0:35
    No heavy contouring 1:06
    No heavy eye makeup 1:33
    Makeup should be long-lasting 1:58
    No touch-ups in public 3:01
    No bright nail polish 3:27
    Hair should be styled properly 4:01
    Modesty is the key element 4:46
    Hats used for formal events 5:09
    The royal outfit 5:41
    Bonus: behaving like royalty 7:11

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