9 Jean HACKS EVERY Girl MUST Know !!


  1. Putting jeans in the wash after u cut the holes also helps with adding fraying/distress.

  2. No hate but why do you have to shout at the camera. It’s kind of annoying.

  3. I would love to know where u got your jacket….is it store bought or DIY?

  4. The around the neck trick won't work for me with a gut lmao (i need to lose weight…) ?

  5. Can you do a "work clothing hacks" for office wear in the winter time? Trying to survive this upcoming CANADIAN WINTER LOL!

  6. I really love you as well as your videos? . It's always useful and I also love your jacket that you are wearing ??? hahaha

  7. Do u have a video of hacks for dresses?

  8. I'm new here and I love YouTube channel??

  9. Just found ur channel cus followed me, now I can say a big YouTube follows me?

  10. I never believe it when you say you're short cause you look tall in your videos! Lol

  11. Do you happen to have any hacks for hemming some black slacks for work?

  12. could you do shoe hacks next please?

  13. ouuuu i like the distressed jeans!

  14. Omg i love thiiiss ! ??????❤️❤️

  15. Can you do a tall girls life hacks (life if you agree)

  16. I have a great life hack
    If you ever want life hacks watch Nicoletta

  17. Can u make a removing dark circcle hacks pLS. BtW loVe ur veds alWays❤❤❤ xoxo !!! love from a bangladeshi

  18. Can u do you’re room tour? The things in it….

  19. Nicky how did you get your hair in such a perfect style I mean it’s not too curly it’s perfect Plz answer back ?❤️x

  20. ♥♥♥ u girlll…Can you do a fall room decor…

  21. I love how you are so positive and there are no long ads before your videos!!! ???? I want to fly to Toronto to see you!!!! Love you!!!! ?????

  22. Love you and your video Nicolette

  23. You should make Halloween costume ideas ???????

  24. thank you sooo much for this hack

  25. I needed this video I gained some weight and ??

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