Were comparing 90’s vs. 2018 makeup! These comparison videos are so fun to do. Let me know what other eras you guys want to see!

-Love ya


I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. Omg what I think would actually be great and you would be the only one to pull it off – Marilyn vs kimk ???‍♀️? #quadfam ????

  2. I love idea about decades of makeup! With 70 -80 will be a lot of fun! – I can't say which side I like more <3 You did very cool grunge style makeup, unfortunately more popular in 90's was Pamela Anderson makeup style 😛 right side shadows are gorgeous btw, colours and aesthetic <3

  3. It’s a very good idea and your two makes up are very beautiful❤️

  4. Hi cristen,new subscriber here…and I love your channel really awesome. Please do comparison American and Asian make up tutorial 🙂

  5. 1990's chicks used to spend the most time on the actual face, like matte foundation and matte powder. There was NO CONCEALER, NO BLUSH, and no brushes really. NO LIP LINERS. The eyeliner was smudged with the CG smudger that came with the eyeliner. The eyeshadow wasn't blended much or at all. Brows were left alone. And the lipstick shade was always a browny red. See WINONA RYDER. I LOVED my 90's.

  6. Thank you so much I love this look I’m in my 40s and it reminds me of my 20s so much but I was thinking you should do a 60s look because in those days the eyelashes in the wings were it I remember my mom and so please do 60s thank you we love you

  7. you should do an other kids make up

  8. I really enjoyed this! You are a breath of fresh air… so genuine and sweet. Happy Valentine's day! ????

  9. You should do a complete era series!!

  10. British Victorian era

  11. I learned to do makeup in the 90's. So matte, so pale. I lived for Clinique. And Bobbi Brown's first lipsticks!  My 90's favorite was called Walnut.  I remember my dad saying, "Uh, brown lipstick?  Why?"  xoxo

  12. Maybe a black wing on the 90's side?! I used to wear that a lot! Much love!

  13. 90s was good except you forgot putting basically sparkly white (or maybe a lighter beige) color right below your brow. At least that's how us cholas did it in the 90s XD

  14. You should do a mid 80s vs mid 2000s look.

  15. I love your videos??? so much!!! Could you do the 50s or 80s era?

  16. Please do Indian vs. American makeup. ?

  17. Love it! And can I just say your inspiring messages at the end are always so wonderful and uplifting. I just love them!

  18. I love this idea! Go through the decades! Also, I’m glad you addressed the quad bc girl…that ain’t yo quad?.

  19. These are my favorite videos. Love seeing the differences! ?

  20. I think eyebrows were bushy?-I think of Cindy Crawford , Madonna and No eyeshadow just eyeliner


  22. Soooo I know your dislike and like ratio was great but I don’t know why anyone would ever dislike your videos, you’re so cute and funny! But decades would be AMAZING! Especially 80’s ??
    Love you boo ?

  23. I love you so much! You have such a beautiful heart❤️

  24. I would love to see a video on the best products to hide scars and fix asymmetrical features. I have a cleft lip and palate and my makeup routine revolves covering my scars and fixing my lips and nose. I love all your videos ?

  25. Can you do 60’s or 70’s makeup please!!!

  26. Yeah! The eras are really cool ? ❤️

  27. That. Highlight. Looks. So. Pretty i need to get that highlight brand thoooooo

  28. These are my fave videos of yours ??

  29. I wanna see a 50s vs modern-day makeup video!

  30. I love your side by side videos! I was a teenager in the 90's and I love a good raisin/maroon lip. Maybe because I'm pale but I cannot get into the nude lip trend. For the 90's side I would have left off the lashes and undereye concealer – those weren't notably 90's. For the today side, just for the sake of showing the contrast I would contour the cheek sharper. But such a great video and great concept for videos.

  31. I'd love to see you do the 80s era. I love watching all of your videos. You keep your content so fresh and up to date. You're gorgeous and so inspirational to young girls and ladies everywhere. I've opened up with makeup so much and learned a ton from your channel. Still no professional but it's doable. Lol! ????

  32. Would you please do an American vs Spanish look?

  33. This is so dang accurate so crazy how times have changed!! You look gorgeous rocking anything!! I would love to see like 1940’s pin up vs like today’s glam?! ✨❤️

  34. I agree with some of the comments here a lot of them I would love to see!! I would love to see more of a vintage look! Love you!!

  35. I would love to see the flapper era makeup.❤

  36. Love when you do this!! Haha also you couldve gotten away with poppin on smuckers and butterfly clips

  37. You forgot the dark lipliner and nude lipstick ?

  38. maybe a comparison with geisha look!

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