A Day in the Life of My Hair! – KayleyMelissa

Here’s a typical day in the life of my hair! It’s a little bit of hair care, hair routine, and fav products all thrown into one! Thanks Living Proof for working with me on bring this video to life.

I’m taking you along with me in this daily vlog as I use some favorite products and and tips and tricks in my everyday routine. These are some of the things I do to make sure I have healthy hair. I consider my hair to be damaged and dry so if you fit that, or if you have frizzy / coarse hair I think you’ll extra enjoy this video.

★Products I Used in this video:★

I love you guys! Thank you for watching my videos!


  1. Can you pls do a bts on a video?

  2. Have you ever heard of or tried Monat? I am curious what you think of it. I signed up and have been using it since May I believe and love it for the most part but still somewhat unsure of it. You can check it out here of you'd like: http://kendress.mymonat.com/

  3. I have long fine hair that gets really tangled throughout the day. Any tips to keep hair tangle free all day or at least from combing out chunks of hair throughout the day?

  4. You are one of my favorite YouTuber

  5. Does anyone know what curling iron she uses to curl her hair in this video? Pleaseeeee

  6. you would look amazing as a red head


  8. could you tell me, what comb do u use in this video?

  9. Loved this video, Kayley! I have been watching you for 6 years now and I am still obsessed with your videos. P.S. At 6:21 you look exactly like Emilia Clarke! Haha

  10. can I just say…

    Kayley, you are literally one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen, and not just your looks, its your personality. Your smile and your hair and your bubbly personality are all amazing, and your hairstyles make me feel as beautiful as you do when I do them… so thank you

  11. What curling iron did you use in this video?

  12. ? stsy away from heat products like straightening iron or blow dryer !!!!!

  13. {[Its 12:16 AM (for me) and I need to read "Call of The Wild" for summer reading (haven't even started it) but I'm watching Kayley's videos instead]}

  14. I am bosses with her pettiness…❤❤❤???????… I Love You….

  15. my mom works for a company called "Monat" and it helps with dry and dameged hair, and i promise IT WORKS BECAUSE I USE IT!

  16. Can u do a video on you learning how to do your nails.

  17. Kayley, where did you get your hair drying towel and the hair clip that you clip in your hair at the end for your bun?

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