A Japanese Method to Lose Weight with a Towel

The sedentary lifestyle might cause many problems with your spine and weight gain. A Japanese doctor named Toshiki Fukutsuji developed a unique method to get the body in shape about ten years ago. All you need is a bath towel. This simple technique will help you get rid of belly fat and improve your posture within 30 days.

The method takes five minutes a day, and you need no equipment. In less than a month, you can get your muscles in tone, make your waist smaller, and strengthen your back. When this method was first published, more than six million copies of the book were sold.
If you apply this method correctly, your spine will become straight, and your body will get in shape very soon. Also, your internal organs will be placed in the most favorable positions for them.


  1. I will start this exercise on 5/2/2018 ???

  2. ok will try it. today its 05.02.2018
    and i will post after ever week. not like those liars.

  3. Reading the positive comments encouraged me to try this method..?

  4. Don't be mistaken, losing weight isn't as easy as doing a simple exercise and not paying attention to your nutrition. Losing weight is 95% about watching what goes in your mouth.

  5. Did you really write Fukutsudzi ? Really ?

  6. Mera weight 80 kg hai me ye experience 2 month se Daly ker rahi hu magar mere weight kuch bhe kam nahi hua.

  7. I am going to try and I will tell u in a month really…

  8. This is actually like planking. Try it you will see how much you use your belly muscles.

  9. I m gonna try this and update after one month . Please wish me luck

  10. Does this method really work?

  11. I'm going to try this. Update whenever. Maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe a month. Just here for those who want to be apart of my life for some reason.

    Although I cutted out bad habits like over-eating and eating desserts.. I also drink water often and sleep atleast 8 hours a day..
    But I didn't workout or exercise at all! And that's what I only did

    I lost 9kg in 3 weeks doing this method and I lost 4.7 inches from my waist!!

  13. am I the only one who finds it impossible to face the palm of my hands completely down while keeping straight hands?

  14. What's the book called, I would love to read it and learn more about this Japanese method

  15. it is very helpful.I reduced from 38.5 to 34 inch in one month

  16. *grabs all the towels in the house*

  17. does this work? please tell me if you've tried this

  18. Well I m going to do this from tomorrow nd wl update u each n everything till 22january..Because it is the comments which motivate us more..Wish me good luck guys?

  19. I'm going to start doing this from today and comment again a week later.

  20. When we should do this before meal or after meal???

  21. muskan jonchhen ….6 month has gone …wt is the result???

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    Best of luck,



  23. I will try this and hope this works. ?

  24. This works hundred percent first week did not notice any changes second week I have become thinner, my waist has infact reduced , I followed no diet.

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