A Quick And Easy #Cleanwork Nails Tutorial

If you love nail tutorials but you sometimes prefer a short and sped-up approach instead of lengthy Youtube videos, Camila Rojas is your gal. In addition to a popular Youtube profile where Camila shares extended version of her content, the nail designer from Wesley Chapel, Florida that also goes by the nickname The Nails Queen has an Instagram profile built around tutorials that get their point across as quickly as possible. Judging by the number of followers, which is around the 150k mark, Rojas’ work resonates strongly.

Running out of time to do your nails? Worry not.

Here is a nice little tutorial that is emblematic of how Camila does things. Perhaps useful when in a hurry but not wanting to go out with nails that aren’t up to your standard, this quick and easy video will tell you everything you need to know. Of course, if you do have the time and desire to go into detail, you can always head over to The Nails Queen channel on Youtube and see more of the effort that went into this #cleanwork.